UNC-CH AD Claims Massive Academic Fraud Scandal “Bad” But Not Against Rules…

Excerpt By: CBSSports.com.  Written By: Kyle Boone


In an exclusive interview with CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, University of North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham opened up about the ongoing NCAA investigation into the school’s academic fraud case and revealed that he believed the school may have been “overcharged” by the association.

The investigation into the school, which has now lasted six years, began when a faulty transcript in another case revealed what appeared to be a trail of bogus classes stretching back 18 years. It’s an unprecedented case that has been in the hands of the NCAA for an unusually long time. It’s also a case that, according to Dodd’s report, involved 3,100 students in those classes — about half of which were student-athletes. So it’s an unusually long investigation for an equally unusual case.

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North Carolina has been charged by the NCAA with unethical conduct, lack of institutional control, and extra benefits provided by a perpetrator of a bogus class scheme.



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