Trump ‘Thank You Tour’ Set To Roll Through North Carolina Tuesday

President-elect Donald Trump will be making a visit to the Old North State on Tuesday, as he continues a campaign-style ‘Thank You Tour’ through a number of states the Republican carried on Election Day.

Trump began his tour last week with a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio, after visiting Indiana where he joined Vice President-elect Mike Pence to announce a deal keeping 1,000 jobs at a Carrier facility that was poised to send the jobs to Mexico.

The visit to North Carolina was originally slated to take place in Raleigh at an unspecified location. But Presidential Inauguration committee member, and Greensboro resident, Louis DeJoy emailed Trump supporters Friday announcing the location chance.

Throughout his roughly 18-month campaign, Trump made numerous stops in North Carolina, including a November stop in rural Johnston County that drew close to 18,000 supporters.

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Prior to a June rally, Trump attended a fundraiser at the home of DeJoy and his wife, Dr. Aldona Wos, who was Governor McCrory’s first Health and Human Services secretary.

“I hope you all were able to see President-elect Trump at the Ohio ‘Thank you’ Tour Rally last night,” DeJoy wrote in the announcement email.

“This is what we have planned for North Carolina next Tuesday.”


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