S***holes: The Left Goes Hyperbolic And Hysterical Over Reported Trump Comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Beginning yesterday, the media is obsessed with ‘s***holes.’ Leaked reports of President Trump referring to Haiti and African countries as excrement excreting cavities during immigration discussions have sent the media into pure hysteria.

The anonymous account was reported by the Washington Post, which is no surprise considering their obvious partisan distaste for Trump.

Leftist “news” networks, in particular, have said the comment confirms that Trump is racist, calling him a White Supremacist, a Nazi, pure evil, etc., etc.. So, just another day in the life of President Trump.

The hyperbolic response to the reported comments actually discredits the Left’s critique. Nonetheless the president himself is denying he said such a thing.

Be that as it may, is what the president allegedly said as bad as it is being spun by the media?

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire has a typically well-reasoned take on the issue:

“The Washington Post originally cited Trump’s comments, apparently during a conversation about “protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.” We don’t actually know the context of the comments – he could have been discussing the visa diversity lottery program, or he could have been talking about the targeted deportation of illegal immigrants from particular countries. That makes a rather large difference in interpreting his remarks. In any case, Trump reportedly stated, “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?”


It’s quite possible, as the White House suggests, that the president meant that if we’re looking to choose immigrants solely based on country of origin – a dubious and quasi-racist concept that prizes group identity over individual qualification – we should prioritize immigration from countries that have values similar to our own. Great Britain is more likely to send, on average, immigrants who assimilate more easily than, for example, Russia. That has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with culture and language and history; the same president who smacked Haiti said he wanted more Asian immigrants, for example, according to The Washington Post, so this isn’t just a question of white vs. non-white. A merit-based individual system would take country of origin into account, but it would certainly not be the primary qualifier.”

The Left’s mental convulsions at the first sign of anything that could give them a false sense of validation in their attempts to paint Trump, his supporters, and Republicans in general as racist is completely predictable.

They will never stop. Similarly, Trump will never stop speaking plainly and bluntly, much to the dismay of advisers and delight of Americans that have suffered under political correctness for so long.

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