Roy Cooper’s Administration Continues to be Completely Incompetent

The Senate is appointing Sen. Andrew Brock, a Mocksville Republican, to serve on the Board of Review, a full-time role that involves hearing appeals of unemployment benefit claims at the Division of Employment Security.

The job pays an annual salary of $124,563. Brock said he’ll resign his Senate seat on Friday, as the legislature is expected to wrap up its session. He’ll start the new job on July 1.

Typically, the governor is charged with appointing members of the Board of Review. The governor is required under state law to submit a nominee for an expiring term by May 1, and the legislature gets to fill the position if the governor doesn’t meet the deadline.

Asked if a nomination was made before the deadline, Gov. Roy Cooper spokesman Ford Porter said “we just missed it.”

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The last appointment to the board was made last year by then-Gov. Pat McCrory, who picked his legislative liaison, Fred Steen, to serve a four-year term.

Brock, 43, has served in the Senate since 2003. Outside the Senate, Brock works as a political consultant.

Brock’s new role was included in a lengthy bill with dozens of appointments that the legislature makes to a variety of boards. He recused himself from the vote.



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