Roy Cooper has the Audacity to Accuse GOP of “Rigging the System”, Calls for Special Session to Redraw Legislative Maps

Accusing Republicans of “rigging the system,” Gov. Roy Cooper called for a 14-day special session to redraw district voting maps.

The governor made the announcement in a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

He called for the session to begin Thursday and run concurrently with the regular session.

“Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court unanimously affirmed that North Carolina’s legislative maps are unconstitutional because they were racially gerrymandered,” Cooper said. “That means Republican politicians have been picking their voters instead of voters picking their politicians.”

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The governor’s office said though it is unusual for a special session to run during a regular session, it has happened before.

In 2002, the redistricting extra session ran concurrently with the regular session. Votes in the special redistricting session were taken in the midst of the regular session. That special session was called to order two weeks before the beginning of the regular session and lasted for the duration of the regular session.



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