Roy Cooper Appoints Lobbyists, Anti-Military Radicals To Key Positions

Roy Cooper is bringing back the Democrat playbook that North Carolina voters have soundly rejected over the past decade.

When North Carolinians turned the General Assembly over to a majority of Republicans for the first time since Reconstruction in 2011, they did so as a total rebuke and rejection of politics as usual in the State Capitol.

Voters were fed up with Democrat policies that were destroying the state economy, and the career bureaucrats who continuously forced them on the state, against the will of the voters.

Nevertheless, thanks to outside radical groups and corporate bullying, Cooper squeaked out a win over Governor McCrory on the promise of changing a single law he will literally have zero ability or power to effect in any manner.

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And with the limited power he now holds, Governor-elect Cooper has decided, thus far, to exclusively appoint lobbyists and anti-military radicals to key positions inside the Governor’s office.

First, Cooper appointed Brad Adcock, a lobbyist who spent the past three decades lobbying for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Then, Cooper made what can only be described as a problematic, and ignorant, decision – he decided to name Ken Eudy to the position of “Senior Advisor,” a position that will play a massive role in dictating the Governor’s agenda.

Why is the selection of Eudy so problematic, you may ask.

Eudy is the former head of the NC Democrat party, who was named one of North Carolina’s top-20 lobbyists with long chronicled connections to Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Most importantly, though, Eudy is best known around Raleigh to be the lobbyist who “intimated” lawmakers and everyday North Carolinians in 2003 over Blue Cross’ obscene $190 MILLION profit for a “non-profit.”

Eudy went so far in 2003 to protect his biggest client that he outright “intimidated” ordinary, every day North Carolinians who expressed displeasure with a “non-profit” insurance company using the profits to line the pockets of lobbyists like Eudy, his company Capstrat, LLC, and BCBS’s executives, rather than lowering premiums or providing better coverage.

As NC Policy Watch outlined in 2007:

Millions of dollars that should have gone to lower health premiums or pay for medical services has gone straight from the pockets of Blue Cross policyholders into Capstrat’s profits.  Sometimes that relationship has meant Eudy has done things on behalf of Blue he probably wished he hadn’t.

Back in 2003 when Blue first announced record profits of $190 million, over a thousand people wrote outraged letters, emails, or made phone calls to Insurance Commissioner Jim Long worried about the effect of the focus on profits on their premiums and whether they would be able to afford health coverage.  Commissioner Long responded by considering asking for legislation from the General Assembly that would allow him to more closely review such huge profits and order refunds for policyholders.

Nonprofit Blue became extremely worried at the prospect of stringent review of their outsize profits.  Eudy, acting for Blue Cross, made a transparent attempt to intimidate ordinary citizens around North Carolina from expressing their concerns to the Insurance Commissioner.  To do this, Eudy demanded, and received, copies of all those letters and comments complete with names and addresses.  Remember, these are ordinary Blue Cross policyholders who legitimately might worry that Blue would be unhappy with what they said and this unhappiness would be reflected in their health premiums or coverage.

It’s impossible to measure the chilling effect Eudy’s request had on further complaints to the Commissioner or the chances of legislation on the topic in the General Assembly.  Suffice it to say no such bill was ever considered that year.

But all of these issues pale in comparison to the views Eudy holds in regards to our country and military.

In September, Eudy wrote an opinion piece for the EducationNC website entitled “Colin Kapernick, pre-season MVP,” in which he openly bragged about having a similar distaste for the United States and our military as the most hated player in the NFL.

Eudy wrote:

I do stand for the Star-Spangled Banner. But I stay in my seat when thousands of fans stand and cheer men and women in the armed services. My silent protest draws some certain looks or sideways sneers.

I sit simply because I think it odd that, of all the categories of Americans that we honor, we honor warriors. I’m resolved that I won’t stand until we also honor the profession that will determine whether the United States remains free — school teachers.

Apparently, according to Eudy’s worldview, it’s teachers, not the military who stand between our nation’s freedom and those who would seek to destroy it by any means necessary.

He went on in the piece to state that there are “demonstrable differences in the rate at which people of color are… shot by the law enforcement officers who are sworn to protect citizens,” despite actual evidence showing the exact opposite to be true.

Eudy concluded his piece by declaring:

It’s refreshing that a NFL quarterback sits down during the Star-Spangled Banner to make a statement. Sit-ins changed this country in the 1950s and 60s. Maybe taking a seat will lead white Americans to begin to understand the pain of injustice that our black American brothers and sisters continue to feel. If so, then sitting down would make Colin Kaepernick a Most Valuable Player before the regular season kicks off.

Clearly, Governor-elect Roy Cooper should have to answer to whether he holds the same radical leftist beliefs as his new “Senior Advisor.”

Admittedly, there is little doubt that Cooper is just as radical, and supports such nonsense wholeheartedly.

But, of course, the North Carolina mainstream media won’t dare to bring this up, and you better believe they’ll do all they can to protect the Governor-elect and his radical advisor from ever having to answer to these atrocities.

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