#ReleaseTheMemo: Expose The Deep State

The Deep State is out of control, coming to resemble the apparatchiks of Third World countries instead of the defenders of freedom they purport to be.

Add Big Government Leftists that will do anything to increase their power, and deny you your rights, and you’ve got the ingredients for dangerous and sinister tyranny.

We’ve known there are far too many sketchy, unanswered questions about the origination of the Trump/Russia ‘collusion’ narrative, and now it seems that some honest lawmakers who have gotten a peek behind the curtain are shocked at just how egregious the abuse really is.

One of those honest brokers is our very own Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11), leader of the House Freedom Caucus, and future Speaker of the House (if we’re lucky).

This nonsense has gone on long enough. Release the memo – identify the authors, the receivers, and all who had anything to do with possibly one of the worst politically motivated abuses of power in modern American history.

Release it. NOW.


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