No Delay: Judges Maintain Absurd January 23 Deadline For New Congressional Maps

RALEIGH – Redistricting takes time. Especially when trying to satisfy the insatiable demands of an activist judiciary intent upon usurping the powers of other government branches and advancing Leftist causes by diktat.

Apparently the federal judges that ruled North Carolina’s congressional maps a ‘partisan gerrymander’ don’t agree, and have now refused to extend a January 24 deadline for redrawing the maps. A deadline offered less than 10 days ago.

“The judges who struck down North Carolina’s congressional map for excessive partisanship that favored Republicans refused Tuesday to delay their order telling GOP state lawmakers to draw new lines by next week.

The denial by the three-judge federal panel was expected, given that the judges wrote 200-plus pages last week explaining why the boundaries approved two years ago were marked by “invidious partisanship” and are illegal political gerrymanders, violating several parts of the U.S. Constitution.

Barring a delay by the U.S. Supreme Court — which Republican legislators also have sought and their request is pending — the legislature will be required to redraw its map for North Carolina’s 13 congressional districts by Jan. 24.

Attorneys for the lawmakers cited partisan gerrymandering cases already before the Supreme Court from Wisconsin and Maryland for necessitating the order’s delay, because the justices may rule differently on whether partisan gerrymandering can be adjudicated.

But the lower court’s judges — U.S. Circuit Judge Jim Wynn and District Judges William Osteen and Earl Britt — said the cases in the other states are different enough legally that their decision could stand no matter how the justices rule. For example, the Wisconsin matter involves legislative districts.”

Eight days should be PLENTY of time to solve the seemingly unworkable problem of making district maps comport with the views of Leftist judges animated by petulant Democrats.

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Here is a novel idea: The General Assembly might remind the judiciary what their role actually is – issuing opinions , not laws. Courts all across this country have completely overstepped their constitutional bounds in countless examples.

It isn’t a new trend, but for far too long legislatures, both federal and state, have bowed to judicial opinions as if they come from a superior branch of government instead of the weakest branch of government the judiciary was designed as.

If this goes unchecked, the judiciary will eventually be passing laws and administering elections in ways the founders never intended.


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