NEWSFLASH: Thom Tillis Is Wildly Unpopular In NC, Burr Not Far Behind

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Proud RINO and lover of crossing the aisle Thom Tillis has a habit of doing things in the D.C. Swamp that the base voters in North Carolina cringe at.

After getting in bed with Solar lobbyists during his time as Speaker of the N.C. House to protect some of the largest renewable energy subsidies in the country, Tillis has held hands with Sen. ‘Little Dicky” Durbin, the ultra-Leftist from Illinois, the push amnesty for millions of illegal aliens during his first term in Washington.

That first term will be his last if the latest approval rankings are any indication.

Tillis has the fourth worst approval rating among Republican senators, at 37 percent. Only Senate Swamp Leader Mitch McConnell, Arizonan Trump Basher Jeff Flake, and Pat Roberts of Kansas rank worse than Thom, and not by much.

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His disapproval stands at 33 percent and nearly a third of voters don’t even know who the man is. I guess when you’re that deep in the Swamp you kind of just blend in to the muck.

Senior senator and Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Richard Burr, is under water too, at 41 percent, and matches Tillis’ disapproval rating of 33 percent.

Burr *says* he is retiring after his current terms ends, but who knows. Tillis claims he is undecided.

Perhaps these numbers will nudge him in the right direction, although getting Tillis to go ‘right’ has proven very difficult.

If this isn’t an invitation for a primary challenge from the Right, I don’t know what is. Yes, he is an incumbent and he has the D.C./Chamber of Commerce money machine behind him, but that didn’t help Luther Strange in Alabama.

Moreover, Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) is more popular than Tillis (by a smidgen) and is considered a dead man walking in his primary race.

Time for Tillis to turn it in and Burr to hang it up.

Read the rest of the rankings here.


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