NCDP Wastes No Time in Smearing 9th District Republican Winner

CHARLOTTE – When State Senator Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg) walked away Tuesday night with the 9th Congressional District Special Republican Primary, the stage was set for a competitive general election that is sure draw a lot of attention.

On Wednesday, both the NC Republican Party, and the NC Democratic Party, issued releases. The former congratulated Bishop and asserted that 9th District voters will definitely a convicted conservative with a reputation for taking principled stands on the ballot; the Democrats started their smear campaign.

First, from the NCGOP:

“[…] Sen. Bishop was an attorney in private practice before making a run for the legislature in 2014. Now in his third term, Bishop has been instrumental in helping pass conservative reforms that have North Carolina’s economy running at a high level, including reducing taxes on 99% of North Carolinians. Bishop is an unabashed supporter of pro-life principles, casting the deciding vote to overturn Cooper’s veto of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and has been consistently been given an A rating by the NRA. 

“Senator Bishop is a quality candidate to represent the 9th Congressional district,” said North Carolina Republican Party Acting Chair Aubrey Woodard. “He is an experienced legislator with the knowledge to make the best decisions for the people he represents. The person who represents the 9th should not be afraid to take a stand when it comes to their beliefs. Make no mistake, the 9th Congressional District deserves a candidate of conviction and the voters will only get that with one candidate: Senator Dan Bishop. The North Carolina Republican Party stands ready to help Sen. Bishop keep this seat in Republican hands. […]”

Bishop is a proven conservative, and, because of that, Democrats are going to attack him viciously as a mean-spirited homophobic bigot. They didn’t waste any time at all:

There you have it; in less than 12 hours the North Carolina Democratic Party moved straight to ‘Dan Bishop is a gay bashing Nazi.”

Bishop certainly did author House Bill 2, that infamous and overwhelmingly common sense piece of legislation that said men and boys could not use little girls restrooms and locker rooms in government facilities and schools, and that a municipality could not dictate to private businesses that they had to accommodate men in women’s restrooms, “or else.”  He did so knowing what the Left would likely do to him for daring to stand up to the LGBTQ Justice League, but he held his head high as he stood atop a rock solid understanding of government’s proper role in society, not to mention biology.

While a great many Republicans folded to the Left’s manufactured outrage over H.B. 2, Bishop and a core group of actual conservatives resisted the social justice mob. Far from shying away from H.B. 2, Bishop would do well to stand by it and the values it upheld. We believe he will.

The second charge is somewhat different, in that it is a blatantly dishonest smear. ‘Gab’ is an alternative to Twitter, the latter being dominated by the Left’s political correctness and which routinely silences conservatives for their transgression of, well, being conservative. Being that the former prides itself as a free speech alternative to Twitter, Bishop announced at one point that he had invested in the platform.

This connection was brought up by Bishop’s Democratic opponent in the 2018 general election, citing an egregious smear piece by the UK Daily Mail that equated Bishop to a Neo-Nazi killer of Jews. Why? Because an abhorrent anti-Semite that murdered Jews at a Pennsylvania synagogue in 2018 also happened to use Gab.

It’s a disgustingly dishonest attack on a man that is a proven champion of liberty and personal responsibility, and it is no surprise that Democrats are trotting it back out all over again. After all, it’s the only game they know. Their ideas are bunk, their arguments are weak, and so they burrow down into calling anyone that disagrees with them politically as a homophobic racist.

However disheartening the Left’s campaign strategy is, if there is anyone up to the task of pushing back on this garbage with an articulate message of conservative values backed with an intricate knowledge of our constitutional principles, it is Dan Bishop

Frankly, we look forward to Bishop wiping the floor with the Democrat, and the Democratic talking points, on the debate stage.

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