OUTRAGEOUS Smear on Republican State Senator EMBRACED by His Democratic Opponent

RALEIGH – There is plenty of mudslinging when it comes to election season, but the recent effort by many on the Left to tie Republicans to the vile and evil massacre at a Pittsburg synagogue are far beyond that. The politicization of these murders by a rabid anti-semite by the Left solely to score political points is both disgusting, and frightening.

Now the slanderous smears have reached a Republican North Carolina lawmaker, Sen. Dan Bishop (R- Mecklenburg).

All the way from the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail:

“A Republican politician is an investor in Gab, the now-shuttered social media network used by the Pittsburgh synagogue gunman, DailyMail.com can disclose.

Dan Bishop, a state senator in North Carolina who is up for re-election next week, boasted in August 2017 that he had backed the site because he was ‘about done with SF [San Francisco] thought police tech giants.’

Bishop is one of the only known investors in the tech startup, which had billed itself as ‘a free speech platform’ for anyone who wanted to join.

It used anonymous crowd-sourcing techniques to raise investment cash and is based in Austin, Texas.

But the site has become infamous as a haven for alt-right discourse and conspiracy theories, as well as being used by gunman Robert Bowers, 46, to spread vile anti-Semitic slurs.

Although its founder has insisted it is not a platform for racists, Bowers, of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, was able to include the words: ‘jews [sic] are the children of Satan’ in his Gab profile bio.

And on Saturday morning, shortly before his bloody rampage began, where he killed 11 people and injured several more, he posted: ‘Screw your optics – I’m going in.'”

The notion that Bishop, an intellectual conservative who commonly and eloquently defends liberty and individual rights, should be in any way held responsible for the evil actions of is so ridiculous that it’s actually hard to justify writing about it. However, these kinds of outlandish smear campaigns are becoming more and more common for the Left and silence is not going to help them subside.

For one, it’s actually a credit to Bishop that he was an investor in Gab, a social media alternative to Facebook and Twitter whose mission is to provide a platform for free, unregulated speech. That he would put his own capital behind such a venture means he was putting his money where his mouth is – for free speech and liberty.

Only a twisted partisan willfully suspending what’s left of their faculty of reason would equate such an investment in Gab to indirectly supporting a person that murdered 11 people in cold blood. The proximity to election day confirms the author’s, and especially the source’s, motivations here.

Further, the Daily Mail implies that Bishop was a big financial backer of Gab, when in fact the venture was crowdfunded and Bishop made a mere $500 contribution.

Anyone in their right mind that spends two seconds considering its merit can see how ridiculous this is, but the problem is that many people won’t spend those two seconds to think critically about the headline. Instead, the narrative that Republican state senator Dan Bishop somehow supported a murderous anti-Semite will fester, especially among the political opposition.

The real question is why these smears are elevating – many on the Left are frustrated and  depraved, willing to do anything to damage conservatives. The real question we have is who offered this tabloid the information that Bishop contributed $500 to fund Gab?

Daily Mail’s story makes Bishop the featured photo and subject of the headline, talks of his “investment” in the Gab, and then proceeds to document the Pittsburg murderer’s use of the platform, and Gab’s history as an largely unregulated social media alternative built on free speech. Why is Bishop the headline?

The senator isn’t willing to guess at their motivations, but we are. With out a doubt, whoever noticed Bishop’s “investment” in Gab was a Leftist political hack that likely combed through Gab’s crowdfunding contributors with the specific goal of finding a notable Republican and connecting them with the evil that happened in Pittsburg.

Then there is always the possibility, too, that this Leftist political hack resides in North Carolina and was targeting Bishop specifically. Who would be motivated to do that?

Bishop’s opponent in the 2018 election is Democrat Chad Stachowicz. Upon seeing this tabloid smear against his opponent, the Democrat that advertises himself as the candidate for inclusion and equality didn’t denounce this crazy smear. Hardly. Instead he embraced it for political gain.

Such a utilization of this blatant smear for political gain makes one wonder if Stachowicz’s campaign was itself the source for this story? The fact that this ended up in a British tabloid and not a supposedly credible source means it was probably shopped around and every publication but the Daily Mail declined the story out of principle.

Surely the noble local and state media covering these races will point out how ridiculous and irresponsible this smear is, right?

Nope. This smug News & Observer ‘reporter‘ has no interest in doing anything but perpetuating the smear’s narrative and mockingly relaying that Bishop feels he’s being smeared.

Whatever the case may be, it is necessary for all descent people to not only condemn evil acts like those perpetrated in Pittsburg this past weekend, but also to shun and call out classless smears, such as this one perpetrated on Sen. Dan Bishop, that seek to tie wholly innocent people to such evil acts all in the name of politics.

Shame on anyone who would, given the chance to weigh in, do otherwise.

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