NC Voters Should Get the Chance to Make School Choice Permanent…

Excerpt From: Carolina Partnership for Reform. Written By: Bob Harris.

Governor Cooper’s budget denies parents an opportunity to choose a better school for their child by eliminating opportunity scholarships going forward. So what? Cooper is facing a veto proof majority, right? So his budget is dead on arrival.

But what about next year’s election? The U. S. Supreme Court has Redistricting on the docket that could throw everything in the air. And what will be Trump’s popularity? The President’s party usually loses in off-year elections. Eisenhower in 1958. Johnson ‘66. Ford ‘74. Carter ‘78. Reagan ‘82 and ‘86. Clinton ‘94. Bush ‘06. Obama ’10 and ‘14. If Trump produces a backlash against Republicans, Cooper’s veto will stick. Reform will be dead.

The conservative majority should lock in reform by letting people vote on a Constitutional Amendment dedicating part of future budget surpluses to an opportunity scholarship endowment fund and that will make them permanently safe from anti-reform Democrats or Republicans.

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