NC Unemployment Rate Rises Under Roy Cooper….

Excerpt From: News & Observer. Written By: David Ranii.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate inched up a notch in January and, in a departure from recent months, the state also experienced a significant decline in nonfarm jobs.

The N.C. Department of Commerce reported Monday that the state’s unemployment rate for January rose to 5.3 percent, one-tenth of a percentage point higher than December’s revised rate of 5.2 percent. December’s rate was initially reported in late January as 5.1 percent.

The state’s unemployment rate for January is unchanged from a year ago and is higher than the national unemployment rate of 4.8 percent.

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N.C. State University Michael Walden labeled the January data as a disappointment given that, in contrast to the state’s job numbers, nonfarm jobs grew at the national level during the month.

Richard Kaglic, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, said the loss of 6,600 jobs in the state during the month, based on a survey of employers, was “squirrely.”

“It flies in the face of everything I’m hearing from business people I’ve talked to across the state, and I have talked to a lot of them over the course of the past two months or so,” Kaglic said.

“Every indication is that labor demand remains very firm in the state, and labor supply is relatively short,” he added.

The number of government jobs fell by 5,200 during the month and manufacturing jobs declined by 4,700 even though there were no major plant closings or layoffs during the month.



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