Is Roy Cooper More Popular In NC Than President Trump?

Excerpt By: News & Observer. Written By: Colin Campbell

While President Donald Trump won North Carolina by a bigger margin than Gov. Roy Cooper, Cooper now has a higher approval rating in the state, according to a new High Point University Poll.

The poll was conducted between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3 and found that 52 percent of North Carolina residents disapprove of Trump’s performance so far, while 36 percent approve.

Meanwhile, 46 percent said they approve of Cooper’s performance so far, while 21 percent disapprove. About a third of the people surveyed said they didn’t have an opinion about Cooper or declined to respond.

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By comparison, a month into Gov. Pat McCrory’s term in 2013, 44 percent said they approved of McCrory’s performance, while 14 percent disapproved, according to a High Point poll at the time.

In November’s election, Trump won North Carolina by about 173,000 votes, while Cooper won by about 10,200.


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  1. Absolutely not! He will never be the governor that NC needs. He would never be governor if there had not been the HB2 bill. The majority of the people is wise enough to know that. He difinitely is not POPULAR and far from it. A DISGRACE is a better description.


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