FLASHBACK: NC Dems Perpetrated “Court Packing Scheme” In 2000

Democrats and their lackeys in the media are losing their minds over a rumor that North Carolina Republicans are looking to pull off a “court packing scheme” to create a Conservative majority on the state’s Supreme Court– a narrative they created, by the way.

For example, NC Policy Watch’s Rob Schofield went on a unhinged rant a couple of weeks ago when the rumor first emerged from the Democrat rumor mill:

Such a move would be better described as one of the lowest of all low and despicable acts that one can imagine elected officials in our state ever contemplating. It would be the kind of act rightfully associated with despots and tin pot dictatorships, with Putinism and banana republic coups d’état, and an outright assault on democratic government.

And another hot take from Think Progress:

The proposed North Carolina bill would be a slap in the face to voters who decided to elect a majority of liberal justices…

(Editor’s Note: There no such “proposed bill” in North Carolina. As usual, Think Progress makes up their own facts to fit the narrative they want to push.)

So, with these and many more liberal hot takes spreading throughout the state, we can definitely conclude that Democrats, being the pure hearted lovers of democracy they purport to be, would NEVER carry out such a maneuver, right?

Nope. Not even a little bit.

All of the liberal hot takes making their way through the media, conveniently omit the fact that North Carolina’s original “court packing scheme” was perpetrated by Democrats back in 2000 when they added three seats to the Court of Appeals in order to circumvent North Carolina voters.

You see, Democrats were in serious jeopardy of losing control of the Court of Appeals in November of 2000. Conservatives had gained the majority in the state’s Supreme Court in 1998, and with five seats up for the taking in 2000, Democrats were so nervous they’d lose they rushed through a bill to add three seats to the Court of Appeals to ensure they continued to control the court.

Most likely, Democrats will counter this fact by claiming there was a “major need” for more judges, or some other nonsense along those lines.

But, as even a recent Democrat editorial from WRAL points out, “Abundant news reports at the time quoted then Court of Appeals Chief Judge Sid Eagles and Tom Ross, director of the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts, saying they did not ask for, nor was it a priority to add any additional judges even though the court’s caseload had increased.”

So, before Democrats get too self-righteous while perched atop their high horse, it would serve them well to learn a bit of history, and realize they brought this all on themselves after decades of abusing their power.

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