Coordinated effort at NC State for ‘sanctuary campus’ status

RALEIGH – The social justice warriors of North Carolina State University are at it again. According to Campus Reform, multiple student organizations and the student body president are coordinating efforts to establish the public university’s campus as sanctuary for illegal aliens. The spark that ignited the ire of the ‘woke’ students was an October incident in which campus police questioned a suspicious person that turned out to be an illegal alien and then reported that student to immigration authorities.

The presence of ICE on campus was, according to student body president Jess Errico, a “source of fear and anxiety to many in the Wolfpack community.” Are your eyes rolling yet?

“On Oct. 1, a university police officer questioned an individual who was at a construction site after-hours and found out that ICE had issued a detention order for the person in question , according to The Technician.

“Upon running the individual’s identification, the officer discovered that the individual was a previously deported felon. The database results informed the officer to detain and report the individual to local immigration authorities,” a statement by the university police department read. “As a law enforcement agency, the NC State Police Department is required to inform the appropriate authorities in such situations.””

So the campus police followed the law – the sort of the think you would expect law enforcement to do – and removed a convicted felon from the community. But to these snowflakes at NCSU such a move to enforce the law and insure the safety of students was . A cohort of nauseatingly Leftist student organizations now want to implement policies to keep ICE off campus so illegal aliens (and students) can feel safe.

“Following the incident with ICE, Jess Errico, the student body president, released a statement condemning the agency’s presence on campus, stating that “Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s temporary presence so close to our classrooms, our work, and our homes is startling and a source of fear and anxiety to many in the Wolfpack community.”

We would like to request that Student Government take the initiative on researching the precedent for a public university having policies in which university police is not allowed to call ICE,” NCSU student Chandra Manivannan wrote in an email to Errico on Nov. 13. “We would also like to know whether there are university policies at NCSU in which ICE is not allowed on campus.”

NCSU’s Graduate Student Worker Union, Association for Latino Professionals for America, Young Democratic Socialists of America, Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Afrikan American Student Advisory Council, Latin American Student Association, Mi Familia, and Students for Immigrant Rights are all working to limit the way in which ICE can operate at the school.”

In Errico’s stated response to the incident, she acknowledges that campus police are not seeking out illegal aliens to report and do not have an “abnormal partnership with ICE”, but warns against “bias-related incidents.” There is even an established crisis response team at the university for such incidents for such violations of snowflake feelings.

Perhaps none of this should be surprising being that the university recently established a post-doctoral program in social justice. Seriously.

Luckily the spokesman for the NCSU police responded to questions about the movement with reassurances that the law enforcement agency will continue to follow procedures in accordance with state and federal law, adding there have been no changes in the way to police the community.

If there were an official pivot toward establishing a ‘sanctuary campus,’ it could come at quite a cost to the university as state laws passed by Republicans in 2015 prohibit such moves. Violating that statute would mean forgoing state funding, something a state university cannot live with out.

To be sure, the radically Leftist views of these student organizations and the student government leadership do not reflect those of the student body as a whole. Hopefully this movement goes nowhere and police continue to enforce the law, but many of these social justice warriors have nothing better to do than advocate for insanity in between classes.

Though the previously deported illegal alien was not a student, according to police, the reaction of the student body president makes one wonder how many students at NC State are fearful of ICE because they themselves are illegal aliens. Does the university knowingly admit illegal aliens? Do they pay in-state tuition? What tuition rate was the student in question paying?

Admittedly, the most plausible explanation is merely that these students are merely reacting as snowflakes often do.

Still, even Gov. Roy Cooper, during his time as the State’s attorney general, argued that illegal aliens were not eligible for in-state tuition and giving them such a benefit would be a violation of state law. It’s not that Cooper isn’t completely aligned with this part of his Democratic base, it is merely that the law is so clear he could not avoid that conclusion.

What is also clear is that the NCSU student body president and a long list of student organizations have no respect for the law in these matters. Or for the safety of fellow students. Despite their appeal to protecting the feelings of students who may be offended or fearful of the presence of immigration authorities, they are literally working to make sure convicted felon illegal aliens can walk among them unchecked.

If these student leaders represent our next generation of real world leaders, the Old North State is in trouble.

Read more from Campus Reform here.

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