Cooper to Award Obama AG Loretta Lynch with ‘Highest Civilian Honor’

RALEIGH – Next month Roy Cooper, in his capacity as governor, will bestow the North Carolina Award upon six people in a ceremony in Raleigh. The award is the State’s ‘highest civilian honor.’

One of the names on the list may ring a bell: former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She served under President Barack Obama after her predecessor of ‘Fast & Furious’ gun-running fame, Eric Holder, left the post.

During her tenure in the Obama administration the North Carolina native sued her home state over House Bill 2, a law that stipulated people should use the bathroom of their birth gender while in state owned facilities (schools), comparing the legislation to Jim Crow laws.

Lynch also received a lot of attention during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server scandal. The top lawyer in the country met with former President Bill Clinton on a jet for nearly an hour while his wife was being actively investigated by the FBI. Lynch and Bill Clinton would have us believe they only spoke about ‘grand-kids.’

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So, while Roy Cooper continues to run afoul of his pledge to stay away from ‘divisive social issues,’ he is aggrandizing the very woman that equated H.B. 2 to the abhorrent systematic oppression of people of color.

Maybe this is merely a ‘Thank you’ from Roy to Loretta for falsely maligning North Carolina and giving him just enough of a mainstream media boost so he could him squeak by on election night.

Come to think of it, Lynch is from Durham – the very county that found tens of thousands of ballots at the eleventh hour to put Cooper over the top and into the Governor’s Mansion.


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