“Constitutional Carry” Bill Introduced In NC House Should Be Renamed “Compromise Carry”

You may have heard about a supposed “Constitutional Carry” bill that was recently introduced in the North Carolina House which the state’s mainstream media describes as a ‘bill that would no longer require a permit to carry a gun.

On the surface, House Bill 69, also known as the “Constitution Carry Act,” sponsored by Cabarrus County Rep. Larry Pittman and 9 other Republicans, sounds like a dream come true for those of us who wholeheartedly believe that the Second Amendment is the only “permit” any law-abiding American should ever need to own and carry a firearm.

Unfortunately, what I can only hope, and choose to assume, started off as a honest effort to ease the massive amount of unconstitutional regulations on law-abiding gun owners in North Carolina – many of which are more than 100-years-old – was allowed to be infected and manipulated by fraudulent gun rights groups, special interests and lobbyists in order to appease liberals and a weak-willed, unprincipled GOP leadership in Raleigh.

Quite frankly, this bill should hence forth be renamed “Compromise Carry.”

H.B. 69 is, without question, NOT a true Constitutional Carry bill, considering the fact that it includes many statutes which strip law-abiding North Carolinians of their ability to carry a firearm to defend themselves, their families, and their property.

The following are just a few of the extraordinarily troubling caveats buried in the fine print of “Compromise Carry” (House Bill 69) that strips tens of thousands of North Carolinians of their right to carry a firearm:

  • This “Compromise Carry” bill (H.B. 69) could strip some of our Veterans of the ability to carry a firearm for self-defense causing tens of thousands of Veterans who are currently, or may eventually, live in North Carolina to lose their ability to carry a concealed firearm. Under this section, even veterans who get a divorce and are found guilty of adultery could lose their right to carry concealed. Is this how we want to treat those who sacrificed their lives for our country? (Section 14-415.35 (e)(7))
  • Under “Compromise Carry,” North Carolinians could be subject to “state review” for “addiction” to coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants. Do we really want the state to become judge, jury and executioner in making unreasonable and arbitrary claims of “addiction” in regards to your morning coffee routine that could lead to the loss of your Constitutional Right to carry a firearm? (Section 14-415.35 (e)(1))
  • What’s more, under “Compromise Carry” North Carolinians who’ve had certain types of driving offenses on their records could lose their right to carry a concealed firearm. Is your driving record indicative of the level of responsibility you maintain when carrying or using a firearm? Furthermore, who is the state to say that because you violated a traffic law you should then been stripped of your gun rights? (Section 14-415.35 (e)(14))

And this is just a snippet of the troubling caveats included in this “Compromise Carry” bill.

The list truly goes on from there.

If these Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly are actually serious about law-abiding citizens’ Constitutional right to carry firearms, why did they choose to appease the liberals and Republican establishment?

The Second Amendment is abundantly clear – “…the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

There are no caveats to the Second Amendment. “Shall not be infringed” isn’t a suggestion state Representatives can choose to allow or choose to apply caveats too.

Fortunately, North Carolina Gun Rights, the fastest growing gun rights organization in the state, has announced to it’s members that Conservative Representative Chris Millis is in the process of drafting a true Constitutional Carry bill that he will introduce in the North Carolina House in the coming weeks.

NC Gun Rights is in the process of gathering 100,000 signatures on their Constitutional Carry petition over the next couple of weeks, and are asking all supporters of gun rights in North Carolina to add their name to the petition which the group will be delivering to members of the General Assembly.


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