Breitbart Editor Brandon Darby to Speak at NC-based Civitas Institute Annual Conference In Raleigh

It is very good news that Brandon Darby will be speaking at the Conservative Leadership Conference again this year.

I heard his presentation at last year’s CLC, and of all the things I’ve heard about the U.S-Mexican border, his accounts were the most informative. And the most chilling.

Darby rose to international recognition for his role in co-founding and directing the Common Ground Relief organization in New Orleans’ 9th Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Though once a prominent radical, his experiences led him to have a deep love for his country and to feel an obligation to support and protect its system.

He is especially known for his on-the-ground work at the U.S.-Mexico border, as featured in his series of articles known as the “Cartel Chronicles.” He is now managing director and editor-in-chief of Breitbart Texas, which continues to do vital work in documenting what is really happening in that region. You can check out its latest reports right here.

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