WSJ OPINION: Liberal Judges Hijack Redistricting to Help Democrats

RALEIGH – When it comes to conservative criticism of the trends evident in the judiciary branch it is not an opposition to an independent judiciary, as critics ascribe, but actually a desire for jurisprudence independent of political bias and activism.

Politically motivated judicial activism is exactly what is at play with respect to the court ordering North Carolina’s congressional maps redrawn on account of ‘partisan gerrymandering,’ according to the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal.

The editorial was not lost on Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) who plays a big role in the redistricting process and shared some of the worst barbs from the piece.

The editorial board continued to dump on Judge Wynn’s Leftist activism and stating the lengthy order was short on legal analysis.

And he has a history of imposing his liberalism from the bench and TWICE LOST elections to the state supreme court before President Obama chose him for the Fourth Circuit.

This time the activism comes mere weeks from a scheduled election, creating massive uncertainty and potential burdens. All because the forces of the political Left can’t legislative from the House or Senate floor, so they try to do it from the bench.

Read more of the Journal’s scathing editorial on the ‘Gerrymander Coup’ here.


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