WRAL Parent Company Calls Republicans Dictators, Compares NC to North Korea

RALEIGH – The Leftist media machines in North Carolina are officially losing it. In an editorial for WRAL, the Capitol Broadcasting Company declares that North Carolina has descended into dictatorship and compares it to North Korea, Iran, and Russia.

Why? Because Republicans (of course) in the General Assembly elected to close the budget modification process to amendments. Seriously.

“North Carolina citizens should not be deceived. They need to be outraged. The leaders of the General Assembly are making a mockery of representative government. It is no understatement to say democracy is under attack in our state.

Complaints over the decision to bypass open deliberations in the General Assembly on the new state budget aren’t some legislative playground squabble between Republicans and Democrats on Jones Street in Raleigh.

It is a thumb-in-the-eye, a bully’s chest-bump and turned-up nose of disdain directed at each and everyone of the state’s voters and taxpayers by the tinhorn cabal of Senate Leader Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore and a couple of their lieutenants.”

First if all, this short session is not forming a “new state budget.” North Carolina passes a two-year budget, and then returns the following year to adjust that budget for revenue realities, or other budget impacting policies.

As far as democracy being under attack: Republicans have a SUPER-MAJORITY in the state legislature, that was duly (and repeatedly) elected in democratic elections. In reality, the Republicans exercising their power over the budgeting process is a big shiny example of representative government in action.

But it gets even more absurd:

“This latest ploy is clear evidence that those we’ve elected have abandoned us to form an oligarchy in pursuit of their own agenda. They are stomping on the State Constitution and turning their backs on the oath they swore when they took office.

These legislative leaders make North Carolina’s government more closely represent (sadly this is NO exaggeration) North Korea, Iran, Russia and China, than the democracy our forbearers [SIC] fought a revolution to create, a Civil War to maintain and two world wars to protect.”

This piece is designated as THE opinion of the Capitol Broadcasting Company, which owns WRAL. The author states that the decision of Republican lawmakers to not allow amendments (political grandstanding) by the super-minority party makes the Old North State akin to North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China.

Yes, the democratically elected Republican representatives that face reelection every two years are on the same footing as: A despotic communist regime whose leader execute their own brother-in-law with anti-aircraft guns, and execute anyone who utters criticism of the dear leader; An Islamic theocracy that throws gays off of roof tops, sponsors terrorism through out the world, and regularly threatens genocide; a post-Soviet dictatorship that jails political opponents and assassinates disloyal ex-pats; and, a one party communist regime that regulates how many children its citizens can have and just made its president dictator for life.

“No exaggeration.” None. Nadda. Zilch.

The Left is become unhinged. Or, perhaps they have been that way for quite a while. The notion that a closed budget process, even if reasonable minds find the lack of transparency objectionable, makes House Speaker Moore and Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger like Kim Jong Un or Ayatollah Khamenei is laughable on its face.

If Democrats wonder why fewer and fewer people take them seriously, or vote for them in the ballot box, they need look no further than this hyperbolic rhetoric emanating from one of the Left’s biggest media mouthpieces in our state.

While they hyperventilate, Republican lawmakers are crafting budget adjustments (behind closed doors) that will spend FAR MORE money, raise teacher and state employee pay, and sponsor Big Government plans like subsidized broadband investments. Then it will come to the chamber floors for a VOTE.

All this for the Republican “dictators” to depart Raleigh and focus on campaigning for ELECTION.

But, Democrats are blocked from offering amendments for them to score political points, so…we are North Korea.

How is anyone, but the hard Left, to take this opinion seriously? And how are the viewers and readers of WRAL, and the rest of the Capitol Broadcasting Company media portfolio, expected to take anything they publish seriously if THIS is their company’s official opinion?

Read more of CBC’s official opinion about the Ayatollahs of Jones Street here. Hopefully, Kim Jong Un doesn’t read it – he may think the comparison means he’s getting too soft.

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