WOW: 1,000 Boats Show Out for American Pride/Trump Flotilla on NC’s Crystal Coast

ICW, MOREHEAD CITY – It’s not as if, in the last several weeks, we haven’t become accustomed, or even numb, to large gatherings of people making political statements; it’s just that it has been a bit one sided lately. Uttering the wrong opinion, as determined by the mob, will earn you anything from a public rebuke, getting fired from your job, or even a beating at the hand of a woke mob. That’s left many to wonder, when observing the our state of affairs and concluding that the radical cultural currents of the day are drowning our nation, if they are alone in this sense of foreboding.

Are they alone in thinking the direction this country is heading in is ominous? In unashamedly supporting core principles of our founding, while those very principles have been cast as taboo in popular culture? In thinking President Donald Trump is actually doing a good job, and is exactly what this country needed in 2016…and needs more than ever in 2020.

Well, for anyone on or near the waters of the Crystal Coast this weekend — staring out at the sound, port, and Beaufort Inlet, reflecting sunlight and consequential thoughts — that worry was washed away with the tide.

This local shared a photo from the water as a Trump Parade 2020 of up to 1,000 boats, formed a MAGA flotilla.

“Over 1,000 boats showing Trump support in Carteret County today. It was crazy!!!!”


That’s quite a site to see. An organic, grassroots seaweed display by patriots that love our country, everything it actually stands for, and support a president whose reelection may make the difference between resuscitating the American idea or see that flame snuffed out altogether.

For all the effort being poured into cultural revolution by the Radical Left across the country, the Marxist revolutionaries and all their useful idiots are in for a rude awakening if they think their antics will even put a dent in the proud culture of communities like Carteret County. There are few better versed in enduring a storm, and they have all the Carolina Flare they need handle rougher waters

After being inundated with the ‘woke’ dogma by mainstream media, accused of being racist for [insert literally anything here], accused of being murderers for wanting to open up their small businesses, or being some dumb hick for believing wholeheartedly in American exceptionalism, a lot of people are rightly mommicked. While some are scared to tell pollsters they support the president, these patriots organized a massive MAGA flotilla to make it as clear these waters on a slick cam summer day.

From Carolina Coast Online:

“Hundreds of boats took to the waters off Morehead City and Beaufort in a show of support Saturday for President Donald Trump, the same day he later held an indoor campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla.

The flotilla-style event was between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., with protection by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Morehead City Police Department.

Most of the boats – all sizes, makes and models – flew American flags and many also flew Trump campaign flags. […]

One of the organizers of the local event, Angie Sanders, said she knows there were more than 1,000 boats involved, although others’ estimates have ranged as high as 2,000.

“It was a very positive and patriotic family event,” Ms. Sanders said. “It was wonderful to see.”

The boats lined up east of the Atlantic Beach high-rise bridge and participants listened to the National Anthem over VHF radio before starting. The parade traveled under the Beaufort high-rise bridge headed east, then came back and ended along the Morehead City waterfront.

Ms. Sanders, who said Marty Hiatt and Julie Stancil Moore helped organize the event, said there were many people along the shore watching and cheering.

“It was just great,” she said. “There lots of kids out, whole families. All the feedback I got was that it was just a great, nice day on the water, very patriotic.”

It was not just to show support for the president, but also to support America, she added. […]

The event has drawn some national attention, and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who is running for governor in November against Gov. Roy Cooper, retweeted the video from the “Trump War Room” Twitter account.

“I was a little shocked at how big it was,” Ms. Sanders said of the event. “I knew it would be good, but I had no idea it would be so massive.” […]”

Sanders’ shock was made possible by the forceful narrative being thrust upon us all right now. The narrative that Trump is persona non grata to everyone, that pure American pride is a sacrilege, and that even George Washington deserves to be burned in effigy. That kind of behavior, those sentiments, are being completely normalized in real time.

So a massive outpouring of support for America becomes shocking, when it should be expected.

Nonetheless, the cruise got the attention of the Trump campaign, who shared videos of the event from the ‘Trump War Room’ twitter account.

America is the greatest country on earth, and there is no two ways about it. These people know it, and will not be cowed by some woke punks dressed in Portland Chic, quoting Marx, and burning buildings. This port area proudly harbors American values, and they give that concerned citizen just one more important reminder that he or she is definitely not alone.

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