Woke Wake County Asst Principal: White People Have ‘Biological Deficit,’ Should Require ‘Racial Literacy’ White Teachers

RALEIGH – Parents often wonder (and inquire) about what their kids are learning in school. While plenty of school choice offers those parents a chance to direct the kind of education their children receive, traditional public schools are way more of a wild card. Especially, being that the institution is dominated by the Left and a breeding grounds for ‘woke’ education indoctrination.

On that note, some parents in Wake County may be interested in what an assistant principal Michelle Gordon at Wakefield High School has published about her approach to education while atoning for her sin of whiteness.

Gordon is off-the-deep-end woke, and she wants to force all white teachers to be awoken to the deficit of their whiteness as well. She brags about starting her first day as a senior English teacher having never read Macbeth or Beowulf; her masters was in the ‘social construction of whiteness in society through the classroom lens.’ Instead, of an actual mastery for teaching senior English, she had “a strong understanding of how my white-female-heterosexual-able-bodied-self translated in the classroom.”

From Education Dive:

“One of the ways to dismantle systemic racism in schools is to require racial literacy programs for white teachers — to catch our own presuppositions in midair and hold them out. I have been trained to believe as a white woman that I have a biological deficit to speak with credibility about race.

Due to how whiteness has been rendered as invisible in our society, much of our training as white people has taught us to see racism as what a person of color can discuss. The current times are showing us more of a multiracial, anti-racist landscape, but I am not confident this momentum will stay unless whites can build our racial literacy. For the purpose of this piece, at times I say them, us, whites and we. […]”

This person is actively and energetically proselytizing this ‘wokeness’ to teachers and kids in North Carolina. This is EXACTLY why parents look at the world and then wonder what their kids may be learning at school.

Gordon seems to resent the notion of an actually colorblind society that does not see race, a trait of the woke being revealed in recent weeks. She thinks white people should be trained, like her, to be permanently aware of her whiteness so that she can overcome her ‘biological deficit’ so that she may perform the duty of helping “teachers of color [who are] labored with the work of keeping whites “woke.””

And if the other white teachers feel threatened by the racial literacy purification process, that’s just to bad for them:

“[…] In my experience, whites do not believe they can be experts on race, and that it can actually be racist to believe we can.

Make no mistake, I am 20 years in of intentionally sustaining my gaze on my own race. I will never be on autopilot to racialize myself; that is how the system of whiteness works. Its whole goal is to keep race off my daily calendar. In fact, our oppressor language pits whites against other whites who can identify their own race. 

I have had white people tell me I’ve threatened them, shut them down, made them uncomfortable, and say I am just all together wrong for saying whiteness is a thing. I cannot promise racial literacy won’t be threatening — the narrative I hear the most when engaging whites about race. What is threatening to you and what is threatening to me is subjective. […]”

Assistant Principal Michelle Gordon of Wake County Public Schools wants ‘race on the daily calendar’ to destroy the oppressors and their ‘systems of whiteness.’

She thinks mandatory racial literacy indoctrination for white teachers is the only way to destroy that system, because the opt-in model is ‘dangerous.’ After all, it’s harder to build the cult of everything is voluntary, and individuality should be discouraged anyhow.

No, those teachers must be trained to inculcate wokeness in their colleagues and their students, even when those students question the asinine word soups in contrast to common sense values. Gordon has experience suppressing this natural search for truth and she boasts about it.

“[…] An important conversation was one with a cook at the restaurant I worked at on weekends. He asked, “What do you mean you don’t know Shakespeare? Isn’t that what you’re teaching?” I said, “Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but they give us the teacher’s edition.” He laughed, I laughed.

We did go on and have a deeper conversation about himself as a Black male seeing the majority of his teachers as all-knowing white females, but who knew nothing about him. He didn’t think they had to, and that it was up to him to learn “her” classroom. 

The next class, I took the old posters down from the walls that I had just left up because I thought I had to. I asked the students to bring in what they wished to decorate their classroom with. I had a journal for each student in which we wrote back and forth to one another, once a week. Grammar was not checked, a grade was optional. I made sure they knew it was my job to learn them. […]”

So, a black male thinks it is his responsibility to adjust to his teacher because ultimately it is up to him to learn and earn an education — WRONG says Gordon!

Instead those teachers must make up for the biological deficit of their whiteness by adjusting to you, the student, by not knowing the subject matter in which they teacher and not requiring any real benchmark for learning and performance. Sounds like a ‘Gold Standard’ of education, huh?

But the kids will be so woke, and well-versed in the economics of street gangs and neonazi groups:

“[…] We were comparing gangs, specifically the Bloods and the Crips, to white supremacy groups and how each structure functioned as a business.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Map has the tax IDs of neo-Nazi businesses mapped out over the country by name and location. I know — heavy — but my school had gangs. And earlier that quarter, students showed me Blood and Crip dances, t-shirts and songs. They were very interested in talking about it. My students were loving the analysis of what a business was in the context of race and poverty. They still ate their holiday candy at their desks as they debated the capitalism of gangs and white supremacy groups. […]”

So this wasn’t really and English literature class AT ALL, but directed ‘woke’ conversations normalizing violent gangs and hate groups as role model business enterprises, and that model of education is what Gordon thinks all teachers should be trained in providing.

Just to make it as clear as possible, Gordon closes by reiterating that, prior to teaching senior English, she did not have a single class in education. Her teaching, and now her leadership of a local North Carolina high school, is solely dedicated to all white people of their natural deficit, and abandoning all traditional constructs of what education actually is to re-imagine it as a training program for woke warriors to destroy the system of whiteness.

The assistant principal at a local North Carolina high school closed her essay with an unsettling message.

“Education leadership has to be reimagined. Racial literacy is not an option; it is and always has been life or death.”

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