WILLFUL DELUSION: NC Wokies Pretend CRT Public School Influence Nonexistent, Use Dogma of CRT to Propel Delusion

Guilford County Superintendent Sharon Contreras

RALEIGH – What’s in a name? The awareness and opposition to post-modern, Woke, social justice teachings that may or may not be purely consistent with every details of Critical Race Theory, but Marxian either way, is increasing. The exposed proponents of and apologists for such indoctrination have launched a new narrative: what CRT?

This is gas lighting of the first order. Opposition to building Woke ideological frameworks into the structure of instruction in our public schools has been building in concert with the growing cache of real, demonstrable, producible, and ongoing examples of exactly that.

This new plot twist in the culture war consists of Leftist activists in education, whose schemes have been documented and exposed, insisting that it’s simply a figment of conservatives’ imagination. Oh, and a racist, violent, figment of Republicans imagination, that wreaks of intimidation and domestic terrorism, of course.

We can follow the literary shift in real time with the Triad City Beat as they discuss a building CRT protest movement in Guilford County [Emphasis added]:

How conservatives are using critical race theory to galvanize local communities

During the protest outside of the building on June 17, the group of mostly white parents held signs that read, “Open up the meetings” and “You work for us,” which addressed the fact that the meetings hadn’t yet been physically opened up to the public yet. However, at least one parent held a sign that read, “No CRT.”

CRT, or critical race theory, dates back to the 1970s, a platform acknowledging that racism is systemic, institutional and pervades virtually every aspect of American society. After the publication of the New York Times’ 1619 Project led by journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones in 2019, Republicans conflated the two and began attacking the project as “propaganda” and passing legislation prohibiting the teaching of the project in K-12 schools. And in March, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson launched a new initiative called “FACTS” in which those concerned about critical race theory being taught in schools could submit grievances via an online form. […]”

“Well, actually, that’s not ‘technically’ CRT,” say the post-modern snobs, knowing full well the conflation they themselves are making. They know that the retail understanding of the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory is plenty sophisticated enough to recognize they are built on the same destructive precepts that fuel the modern, identity-based iteration of Marxism that aims to “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”

This is a mechanism to intentionally avoid the point, to deflect, as if a child staring at a warzone of room and insisting, “What mess, mom?”

It’s not amusing.


“[…] Despite loud conservative calls against CRT, it is widely accepted that the teaching of critical race theory doesn’t take place in K-12 schools. According to Education Week, an online news resource about K-12 education, because critical race theory is more of a framework and lens rather than specific teachings, “much scholarship on CRT is written in academic language or published in journals not easily accessible to K-12 teachers.”

Even so, lawmakers in states around the country, including North Carolina, have introduced bills that would restrict teaching critical race theory or limit how teachers can discuss racism and sexism in the classroom. Based on Education Week’s analysis, 25 states have introduced such bills with eight states having enacted bans. […]”

Attacking the insertion of a CRT “framework” in teacher training and student lessons is EXACTLY what parents have been protesting or trying to prevent. The contention that ‘we don’t really have CRT in schools because real CRT papers are too esoteric for our K-12 teachers and kids’ is hardly the same as the influence of the ideology on public schools being non-existent.

“[…] In NC, HB324, introduced in mid-March, passed the House 66-48 — with all Republican support and none from Democrats — in May and is now in Senate committee. The bill, also called “Ensuring Dignity and Nondiscrimination in Schools,” would prevent teachers from promoting certain concepts related to race or sex. One of the concepts prohibited by the bill reads as follows: “That the belief that the United States is a meritocracy is an inherently racist or sexist belief, or that the United States was created by members of a particular race or sex for the purpose of oppressing members of another race or sex.”

Education Week writes that bills such as this one are “so vaguely written that it’s unclear what they will affirmatively cover” and that they “could have a chilling effect on teachers who might self-censor their own lessons out of concern for parent or administrator complaints.” […]”

Good! Teachers should be FROZEN SOLID when it comes to censoring their own ideological views and urges for social justice activism in the class room out of deference to not only the parents and administrators, but to the CHILDREN the are charged with providing a sound education. Learning about CRT in sociology class is one thing — in fact we should all be well read on these schools of thought — but even so much as one lesson plan built on its premises and presented as sound education is quite another.

Again, they don’t believe their claim that CRT isn’t in our public schools and dominating public education training. The defensiveness comes because now the opposition movement is animated, and getting active, threatening to end the Left’s alarming progress on this front.

The Triad City Beat frightfully writes about the proliferation of anti-CRT parent groups across the country and even here in North Carolina. In typical fashion, they frame those they are deeming confused and delusional parents as essentially motivated by racist politics and equate them all to the worst of the similarly imagined insurrectionists of January 6.

They use Woke dogma to to denigrate the parent protesters while simultaneously arguing the Woke dogma isn’t even an influential factor in public education and crazy ‘mostly white’ parents are just confused. Or worse, they are just incapable of suppressing their bigotry and their compelled to attack the ‘black female’ superintendent.

CRT and the targeting of a Black, female superintendent

Since her hiring in 2016, Guilford County Schools Superintendent Sharon Contreras has faced her share of criticism and hate. Last year, before the pandemic, parents expressed outrage when the district allowed students to be bussed to early-voting sites, citing a liberal agenda and targeting Contreras. A few months later when the decision was made to postpone graduations and host them virtually, the threats came in again, and prompted a security detail for Contreras, according to school board member Winston McGregor. With the increasing debate around critical race theory, the threats against the school board in general and Contreras specifically, have escalated, McGregor said. The protesters’ conduct at the June 10 meeting solidified McGregor’s feeling that the rhetoric should not to be taken lightly, according to McGregor. […]”

See? These parents are dangerous, threatening mere humble public servants, and must be treated as the Trump-supporting extremists they are. The superintendent is a black woman, so the opposition must be racist, right?

The writer literally lists reasons why the Guilford County superintendent should rightfully be viewed as a politically motivated Democrat demonstrably interested in furthering that agenda, and then acts like the agenda doesn’t exist. Just some delusional and wantonly violent conservatives, they suggest.

Gas lighting at it’s finest.

Read more of it, if you can stand the stench, here.

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