What is the Sunrise Movement? A Peak Inside the Radical Climate Justice Warriors Very Active in NC

RALEIGH – This week some Democrat candidates for political office have boasted of their endorsement by the Sunrise Movement. Candidate for N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture Jenna Wadsworth is, perhaps, the most flamboyant of those candidates.

So, as you can see, the Sunrise Movement is all about climate, environmental, and social justice. It is part and parcel of the cultural cataclysm being fomented by this and other related groups in real time.

Whatever precedes the ‘Justice’ term is only relevant on a surface level, as the prescription is really the same for each area of application — Woke Marxian agendas implemented “By Any Means Necessary.” And they mean it.

The Sunrise groups are so committed to spurring climate/environmental/social justice that they will burn down your house to make the point. You know the weirdly consistent ‘it’s just property, it can be replaced’ logic of Leftist rioters across the country? Sunrise leaders were saying just that…before the riots suddenly ignited upon the spark of George Floyd.

‘There just buildings, and the movement is more important than property,’ goes the tortured logic.

But it’s worse than that. It goes deeper than hugging trees. Much, much deeper. Watch this:

Not as bright and virtuous as you thought a group named the ‘Sunrise Movement’ would be, huh? They seem to have more in common with the Red Guard students of Mao’s China; or maybe the environmentalists of Nazi Germany?

And now that the importance of North Carolina as a swing state is clear for all to see, there are quite a few chapters of the Sunrise Movement popping up here in the Old North State.

There’s Sunrise NC, Sunrise Raleigh, Sunrise Chapelboro, Sunrise Asheville, Sunrise Buncombe, Sunrise Charlotte, Sunrise Boone, Sunrise Greensboro, Sunrise Ballantyne, Sunrise Durham, Sunrise Cary, Sunrise Wilmington, and, if there are enough woke young fools around, a Sunrise chapter in your community is coming next.

And, just like the trouble groups like Sunrise (and others in their extensive network of Woke Warriors with curious funding streams) have caused around the country, Sunrise NC is already stirring it up in very non-climate-related ways.

But do you really think this is the first time out to “demonstrate” for these Sunshiners? As Millie Weaver documents in the investigative piece above, the leaders of these groups argue in favor of destroying property, vandalism, arson, and reckless violence if it’s advancing the Climate Justice Agenda.

This author has been eye witness to both rounds of rioting in Raleigh this year; the initial convulsions in June and then again in August.

The Marxists of Black Lives Matter together with the pinkos of Antifa are certainly responsible parties there, but, having seen these crowds of pasty white progressives up close, Sunrisers were most likely right there among them in the shadows, spray painting buildings, breaking windows, trying to light fires, and playing cat and mouse with the police.

All in an effort to ‘Bring the System Down’ in the name of [Fill in the blank] Justice.

Out in the broad daylight, though, Democrats are proudly sporting endorsements from this group.


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