Welcome to Crazy Town: In Second Debate, Democratic Presidential Candidates Compete for Biggest Socialist Award

DETROIT, MI – Some will understandably divide Tuesday night’s debate among about half of the Democratic presidential contenders into clear winners and clear losers. More clear than the order of those lists, though, is that most of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination are bat shit crazy.

In this way, and despite polling numbers crystal balls, Bernie Sanders and his socialist wing of the Democratic Party have won. Regardless of where Sanders places in the primary, his policy prescriptions have gone from laughably extreme to being embraced in a Democratic Party bear hug. When Sanders introduced ‘Medicare for All’ legislation a few short years ago he got ZERO cosponsors to go along with him; now support for a one-payer government healthcare system seems like a requirement to be taken seriously as a Democratic presidential nominee.

In fact, the ones getting ostracized are the moderate Democrats that have just enough sense to point out how utterly impractical the policies of Sanders, Warren, Harris, and others really are.

From Doug Schoen at Fox News:

[…] Sanders also delivered some powerful arguments that provoked cheers from an excited audience in Detroit. His most notable retort of the night came after a tense exchange with moderates on the stage who attacked “Medicare-for-all” as an unrealistic and impossible promise.

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio even accused Sanders of not knowing what impact such a bill would have on union workers.

Sanders fired back, saying: “I do know. I wrote the damn bill!”

Though many anticipated at least one contentious exchange between Warren and Sanders – who occupy very similar ideological positions and are neck-and-neck in most polls – the two refrained from direct attacks on each other.

Instead, Sanders and Warren focused their fire on their more moderate opponents and the very notion that Democrats need to emphasize moderate, innovative changes in order to defeat Trump.

“I get it there is a lot at stake and people are scared,” Warren said. “But we can’t choose a candidate we don’t believe in just because we are scared.” […]

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It’s the American people that should be scared if candidates like Warren were to win the presidency and congress were to be dominated by AOC and her socialist ilk.

While Republicans maybe inclined to half-cheer for moderate candidates like John Delaney, who point out how absurd the policies of the Sanders/Warren wing are, there is something to be said for the authenticity of admitted socialists.

The political spectrum has no flat ground; it is full of slopes, and nuts like Sanders and Warren have merely descended the slope to it’s natural endpoint right out in the open. Despite sounding more ‘reasonable’ the policies of the relatively moderate Democrats slide in the very same direction.

As such, the socialists are a more honest representation of what the Democratic Party really represents in terms of political philosophy. The centrists like Bill Clinton, to the farther left Barack Obamas is now approaching its logical conclusion.

That makes the choices in 2020 very clear, even if many Republicans are quite as far down the limited government and liberty slopes that constitutional conservatives would like.

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