Voting Machine Malfunctions Across Wake County

RALEIGH – If you’re polling site features touchscreen voting machines, beware. There are problems with malfunctions popping up this election day morning across Wake County. If it’s happening in one county, it’s likely to happen in others. Double check your selections!

10:20 a.m.: Vote tabulators in some Wake County precincts aren’t working properly because of high humidity levels, according to Patrick Gannon, spokesman for the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement.

“When ballots cannot be read by tabulators, they are stored securely in ’emergency bins’ and will be tabulated as soon as possible,” Gannon said in a news release. “All ballots will be counted.”

The state board conducts an audit after the election to ensure that the number of authorization-to-vote forms people sign upon entering the polling site matches the number of ballots counted from that precinct.

WRAL News received emails Tuesday morning from voters at two Wake County polling sites complaining of machine malfunctions.

More updates here.


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