‘Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist’: Video Shows Husband of Anson County Democrat Escorting Voters into Polling Place, Sometimes Filling Out Their Ballot

Sherry Melton, Anson County Elections Director

RALEIGH – And the poll workers simply let him do it! And county election officials actively denied it!

Democrat Dannie Montgomery was on the 2020 ballot for Anson County Register of Deeds. Her husband, John Montgomery, really wanted to help her win. So much so that he repeatedly escorted voters into the polling place, to the voting booth, and helped them fill out their ballots. In some cases he even filled it out for them, while they waited aimlessly.

And it’s all on video obtained and published by WBTV.

The video is from security cameras inside and outside the polling place, and it shows Montgomery doing this over and over again.

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The brazen activity generated dozens of complaints to the Anson County Board of Elections.

From WBTV:

“[…] The Anson County Board of Elections held an emergency meeting on October 23 to address the myriad complaints of improper assistance.

According to the minutes of the meeting on October 23, county election staff had already distributed a letter from the board of election chairman reiterating the statutes governing voter assistance.

The meeting minutes showed county board members voted to verbally warn the campaigns of the rules again during that meeting.

But the complaints of Montgomery and associates improperly escorting voters into the early voting location continued, records show.

“They pulled these people aside and told them to quit doing it. And I totally understand some people were rookies at this and they were over eager and didn’t know they couldn’t do it, but then they were on notice and they kept doing it and it seems like the county board did nothing about it,” attorney Josh Howard said after watching the videos.

Howard previously spent three years as chairman of the North Caroline State Board of Election and, before that, served as a federal prosecutor. […]”

Howard went on to say that, while the State Board doesn’t have the power to prosecute, they can refer it to state and federal authorities for criminal prosecution, and likely will.

But there is more to be concerned about than just the fact that this was going on. Perhaps more egregious is the fact that the election officials let it keep happening over and over again when they KNOW it is illegal. This was the only early voting location in the county.

Moreover, the WBTV investigation was met with a lot of roadblocks and dishonesty from county elections officers. When asked about surveillance video in relation to the complaints, the county elections director told the journalists that no such video existed. They said the only security cameras pointed outside to the campaign area, and no such video of the voting enclosure existed.

The Anson County officials were pressed further; they denied video existed again. And again. Then they were informed that the news outlet actually HAD multiple videos of the activity from inside and outside the voting place. They STILL denied it!


“[…] A lawyer for Anson County told WBTV on Thursday that at least one day of video from the early voting location had been deleted when it was overwritten.

Scott Forbes, the Anson County attorney, said the video is set to be recorded over every two weeks.

But the request for video from WBTV was acknowledged by both Melton and Paxton on October 28, one day before video from the first day of early voting would have been deleted.

According to Forbes, county IT staff did not take steps to preserve any video until at least November 1, which means additional days of video was likely also deleted.

So far, no explanation has been provided by anyone on behalf of the county as to why the video was not preserved after WBTV’s request. […]”

Wow. And Democrats want us to believe, not only that voter fraud doesn’t exist, but that asking any good questions about any sort of fishy activity is kooky conspiracy theory unworthy of entertaining.

Watch the video, and get the rest of the reporting at WBTV.

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