[Video] Not a Game: Riots Turn Deadly in Wisconsin as Antifa Confronts Armed BLM-Supporting Private Property Protectors

KENOSHA, WI – It’s not as if this was difficult to predict. As riots grip certain cities around the country, and police are restrained from clearing violent vandals or sufficiently protecting property, other citizens take up arms to protect that property themselves.

A violent Mob, no cops, and armed citizens protecting property and themselves will end with people getting shot. That’s exactly what happened last night in Kenosha, and two people are dead.

Armed groups, of mixed race, who voiced support for BLM and the protests, were there to protect private property. But protecting private property is blasphemous in the eyes of Antifa, who regard private property as evil and relish in destroying it during riots, rushed and assaulted some of in the armed group after the armed citizens tried to protect a car lot from vandals. That was the first volley, hitting one person in the head:

(Warning Graphic)

You will not see these videos on the evening news. Many people around the country do not even know these events are transpiring, because it’s not covered. Why? Because it’s not a good look for the Left and the Democratic Party, who are implicitly endorsing the cause.

Regardless, this is happening in real time. Contrary to the narrative you WILL hear now that a “protester” has been killed, the armed individuals were NOT white supremacists.

To the contrary, these people are, however unusually, aligned with protests against the ‘government,’ but against the destruction of private property. But any attempt at restraining the utter destruction and dismantling of all that is America, is unacceptable to the driving forces behind these riots.

Once that initial volley occurred, the shooter went to turn himself into police; police that were far off in the distance because their hands are tied and left unable to prevent this madness. But the Mob takes notice that someone, who just shot a rioter attacking him, is running away.

So what do they do? They rush the armed man — who is running toward police to surrender — and start attacking him with a gun themselves, trying to disarm him. You can guess what happens next:

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

As much as we want people to stand up to these mobs, to stop them from the destruction, to defend property and life, this is still very sad. The loss of life always is.

It’s sad that it has come to this; that police have been restrained from enforcing law, order, and peace; that these sick-in-the-head mobs embolden each other to destroy property, livelihoods, and assault innocent people; that an entire segment of the political spectrum either excuse it, or are blind to it because ‘Black Lives Matter’; and, it’s horribly sad that utter fools are losing their life because they’ve fallen for the fatal conceit.

Meanwhile, it looks like George Floyd, the “black man murdered by a white cop,” whose death was the spark that ignited these fires, may have actually died from a drug overdose:

And, unsurprisingly, the details of the current exploitation of the Kenosha case aren’t quite as conforming to the ‘racist murderous police’ narrative the Left is spinning:

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