Valentine’s Day ‘Diamond and Silk’ Exclusive: 10 things we love about President Trump

(Editor’s Note: First in Freedom Daily brings you this exclusive op-ed from President Trump’s ‘most loyal supporters,’ Diamond and Silk. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, “Diamond and Silk,” are vloggers, commentators and Fox Nation personalities who have become powerful popular advocates of the MAGA spirit.)

Americans love to win, and there’s been no shortage of victories under President Trump. There’s already a lot to love about our President, and there will be even more to come once he secures a second term in the White House. Here are 10 things we love about President Trump:

  1. Women are more prosperous than ever before.

Under President Trump, 60 percent of all new jobs created by our strong and growing economy have gone to women — which translates to a whopping 4.1 million jobs filled by female employees in just the past three years. As a result, the female unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest point in more than six decades, and the workforce participation gap between the sexes has plummeted to a record low. Talk about female empowerment!

  1. Unlike the Democrats, President Trump is fighting for American workers.

No living politician has done more for American workers than President Donald Trump. From providing historic tax relief for middle-income Americans to slashing job-killing regulations, President Trump’s entire economic agenda is designed to maximize gains for working families across the country.

The President’s 2018 executive order creating the National Council for the American Worker is a prime example of this effort to rebuild the working class. Some 420 companies and businesses have already signed on to the Administration’s Pledge to America’s Workers, pledging to create more than 14.5 million new jobs and training opportunities for Americans in the coming years.

  1. Donald Trump is helping women pursue careers in STEM.

Face it, boys — girls like math and science, too. The Trump administration has allocated more than $200 million to technology education grants for women every year, boosting countless programs that promote female participation in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. President Trump also signed the “INSPIRE Act,” directing NASA to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM and aerospace. We might be a bit too old to take advantage of these opportunities, but we can’t wait to watch the first female astronaut set foot on the moon.

  1. The President is spearheading Paid Family Leave.

Ladies on both the left and the right can appreciate this one, because paid family leave translates to more stay-at-home dads. The bipartisan paid family leave legislation, which President Trump signed into law in December of last year, gives federal employees 12 weeks of paid leave to help take care of their newborns, and his administration is working to expand that benefit to the private sector. Mothers and fathers now have the equal reinforcement they need to create a happy and healthy home for their kids!

  1. President Trump reduced drug prices.

Politicians frequently complain about the rising costs of healthcare, but do nothing to fix the problem. Luckily, President Trump is not a normal politician. In 2018, the White House published the American Patients First Blueprint, laying out a plan to “bring down prescription drug prices and out-of-pocket costs.” The strategy worked — in early 2019, the U.S. saw the largest 12-month drug price drop since the 1970s.

  1. The President is protecting our healthcare.

Unlike the radical left, President Trump is also determined to protect Americans’ right to keep their preferred healthcare coverage. While the Democrat presidential candidates plot a government takeover of the healthcare system that would make the healthcare plans currently enjoyed by more than 180 million Americans illegal, the President has reassured the American people that our private health insurance plans will remain safe under his administration.

  1. Donald Trump is improving access to high quality education.

Education is the key to our country’s future — and President Trump is determined to ensure that a quality education is accessible to every American family. The President’s 2019 budget proposal, for instance, calls for $1.5 billion in funding for school choice initiatives, specifically targeting low-income families in underperforming school districts. He also continues to champion “opportunity scholarships” for students who have been trapped in failing government schools, urging Congress to pass legislation giving a million children the opportunity to enroll in better-performing private schools.

  1. Donald Trump is looking out for America’s veterans

Superheroes aren’t just fictional comic book characters who possess fantastical powers — they are also the brave fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons who don our country’s uniform and put their lives on the line to protect our country from evil. The previous administration overlooked that second class of heroes, but Donald Trump has restored our nation’s commitment to supporting its veterans. Last year, President Trump secured $86.5 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs, the biggest budget in the history of the VA. That wouldn’t have been possible without the sweeping reforms this administration has enacted to root out mismanagement at the VA, which was so bad before he took office that veterans were literally dying while waiting for routine care.

The President also signed an executive order last year providing hundreds of millions of dollars in student loan forgiveness for disabled veterans. Meanwhile, the strong and growing Trump economy has helped reduce the veteran unemployment rate to its lowest point in history.

  1. Americans are safer thanks to President Trump’s campaign to curtail human trafficking

We love our Commander-in-Chief for keeping his promise to crack down on illegal immigration and secure the border. The border wall, which is being constructed at this very moment, will significantly enhance our ability to stop child smuggling and sex trafficking, both of which are major components of the humanitarian and national security crisis at the border. Similarly, the President signed four bipartisan bills to curb human trafficking in America, allocating a total of $430 million to that worthy cause.

  1. Our country is greater now than it was when President Trump took office – and we need four more years of President Trump.

By any conceivable metric, America is stronger, wealthier, safer, and more respected today than it was three years ago. Our economy is doing better than it has in at least a generation, creating broad-based prosperity that is filtering down to every level of society. Formerly forgotten Americans are thriving once again. Parents are receiving the support they need to provide the best possible opportunities for their children.

America has truly become great again, but the only way to keep it that way is to give President Donald Trump another four years in the Oval Office.

This Valentine’s Day letter is only a list of the things we love most about our President, though. You can surely come up with plenty more of your own favorites. There’s just so much to love about President Trump.

(Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, “Diamond and Silk,” are vloggers, commentators and Fox Nation personalities who describe themselves as “President Trump’s most loyal supporters.)

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