UPDATE: Judge Reverses Jury On 7 Year Old Texas boy, Giving Father Say in ‘Gender Transition’

DALLAS, TX – After a jury originally ruled against giving Texas father Jeffrey Younger sole conservatorship over his son James after he contended the boy’s mother was forcing a gender transition on the seven year old, the presiding judge in the case has luckily intervened to give the father a say in such medical decisions.

The jury’s initial verdict, in addition to denying sole custody and reducing his custody overall, also gave the mother full authority to continue transitioning her son, starting him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones and chemical castration.

From Life Site News:

“The judge presiding over the case of Jeffrey Younger, […] ruled today that the parents will have joint conservatorship over James, which includes making joint medical decisions for the child.

Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th district also put a gag order on both parents so that they cannot speak to the press about the case and decided that the father is not required to pay attorney fees. The judge’s decision means that the Save James website will have to be shut down. […]”

Right before the gag order, the father recorded this message:

With the intervention from the bench, hopefully James will be saved from irreversible medical changes that he should be able to decide on for himself as an adult. Yet the physical medial changes are only a portion of the damage likely done to a young boy whose mother — who is not the boys biological mother — tells him he is a girl despite his biology. The psychological effects of what this young boy is experiencing are heart wrenching.

“[…] Since kindergarten, Dr. Georgulas has enrolled James in school as a girl under the name “Luna.” She began telling him he’s a girl when he was just three, and testified in court that she began to believe that when he liked a McDonald’s toy meant for girls. James’ pediatrician records also indicate Dr. Georgulas has met with GENECIS, a medical “transition” clinic in Dallas and is considering “hormone suppression” when James is closer to eight or nine years old. […]”

While it is a relief that the judge stepped into make sure the mother cannot unilaterally force this transition, it is still wild to consider that the jury barely seemed to bat an eye at the fact that his mother tells him he’s a girl and wants to castrate him. In Texas. The quest to destroy biological truths and moral absolutes, or at least people’s willingness to identify and defend them, has made far too much headway. The silver lining may be that there was a national uproar over the story, perhaps a better indication of how most Americans are firmly grounded in those truths.

Yet some Leftist media, like the Washington Post, are so eager to promote the transgender cause that they are referring to the boy as ‘Luna’ in all their coverage.

Stay up to date on the case here.

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