Universal Gun Registration? Second Amendment Groups Warn of Ominous Bill Moving Through Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – You can bet, if Democrats are in control on Capitol Hill, that there will be aggressive pushes to further erode the Second Amendment with anti-gun (anti-liberty) legislation.

Indeed, among the blitzkrieg of agenda propelling attacks over the first 100 days of Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer, Democrats have are moving a gun registration bill that Second Amendment groups are warning could lead to liberty-lovers worst case scenarios.

From Grass Roots North Carolina:

“House Resolution 8, the so-called “Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021,” opens the door to a repeat of history. Remember when, under Bill Clinton, attorney general Janet Reno refused to purge NICS background check records, claiming that they were needed for “audit” purposes? Thankfully, George Bush’s attorney general John Ashcroft reversed that de-facto gun control.

We now face the same Trojan horse, and we need to act immediately. HR8 passed in the House … and if it passes the Senate and becomes law, it’s a certainty that attorney general Merrick Garland will follow in Janet Reno’s footsteps and will turn the NICS system into a de-facto gun registration system.

Sadly, eight Republican house members voted for this terrible bill, but none of them were from North Carolina. Needless to say, all of North Carolina’s Democratic house members voted for it including Deborah Ross and Kathy Manning.

And if you still don’t think this is an urgent issue, remember how Britain and Australia were able to ban guns — it was through their registries.

Overnight, law-abiding citizens became criminals when the government decided that your guns were too dangerous for you (but perfectly fine for them). This article from Vox admits as much – that “Further legislation, such as gun licensing or a registry, is likely needed …”

Read what North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson had to say about this bill: “… the bills – they’re bringing up four this week – which would do nothing to have stopped a single mass shooting in this country, yet, they threaten the rights of law-abiding citizens …”

HR8, in conjunction with HR1446, would allow the federal government to shutdown NICS and block all lawful gun sales in the country. Do you really want Joe Biden and Merrick Garland being able to terminate your rights on a whim?[…]”

We’ve seen how the gun grabbers take advantage of any opportunity to impinge upon individual rights in the name of protecting you. Now is one of those opportunities; and, wouldn’t you know it, there is a mass shooting dominating the news. The emerging narrative of the shooting ties together the Woke obsession with race and the long lived desire to disarm the American people, lest you use those guns to cling to your religion against government wishes.

With changes like this on the horizon, gun and ammo sales are through the roof, of course. That’s a long lived trend, currently in crescendo, that means their are hundreds of millions of guns already in citizens’ hands. If you’re not one of them, you might want to get in line before Joe Biden and the Left gets you on a list.

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