UNC Wilmington Professor: ‘Blow Up Republicans’, UNCW: **CRICKETS**

WILMINGTON – While there are, unfortunately, a surplus of examples of Leftist university faculty and staff proving themselves utterly radical, it’s a smaller subset of faculty that overtly calls for violence against their political opposition.

Alas, a professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) couldn’t help but reveal himself, and wider truths about modern cultural and political sentiment on the Left.

A since deleted Facebook post from last month was captured by Campus Reform, in which UNCW Associate Professor Dan Johnson makes a not-so-subtle call for violence against Republicans:

That’s pretty explicit. Who knows exactly what triggered Johnson to advocate for the explosive murder of Republicans? It could have been any number of triggers. Sadly, it’s no longer a surprising slip in our current Woke Warrior environment.

What we do know is that the associate professor has not been reprimanded in any obvious manner since the university was made aware of the post. Again, a post openly calling for the murder of Republicans.

When Campus Reform asked the university about it, they replied, essentially, ‘We handled it; nothing to see here.’

A spokeswoman for the university told Campus Reform, “The university was made aware of the post and has appropriately addressed it.”

How did they address it, appropriately, exactly? That’s anyone’s guess. After all, Johnson will still be teaching in the fall according to UNCW.

Did he get a pay cut? A demotion? A verbal lashing? Or did he get the ol’, “Dan! Don’t say that stuff out loud anymore. Stay quiet and let this blow over.

We’re guessing the latter. After all, his comment is virtually a greeting these days among college professors and most of corporate and cultural ‘polite society.’ Not to mention the certifiable Woke student groups holding most of these institutions hostage to mob enforcement of dogma that preaches exactly what Johnson stated.

So, naturally, we’ll consider the reverse. (Say it with us, now) Can you imagine if a conservative professor said this about Democrats?

It’d be national news; social justice hordes would be mobbing the campus in wanton agitation; the faculty would have all signed a letter demanding his termination, along with reparations for all those oppressed by his words; and, there would be genuine calls from public leaders on the Left for jail time as a result of such a dangerous incitement to violence in these divided times.

Is there any doubt about that?

Yet this wasn’t even a blip on the radar for the Sea Hawks. Certainly there should be some overt signal that such blatantly violent rhetoric isn’t tolerated, EVEN when coming from the Left. If reversed in the slightest, Johnson would certainly be calling for heads to roll, judging by his dramatic flair.

We won’t.

We don’t equate such nasty and inappropriate comments with a complete and total evil of the person making them.

Outside of wanting to blow up Republicans, Johnson has a track record that’s a bit more gentle, shall we say. From UNCW’s faculty bio:

Associate Professor Dr. Dan Johnson, School of Health and Applied Human Services. PHOTO BY: JEFF JANOWSKI/UNCW

“Dr. Dan Johnson is the Founder and Chair Emeritus of Accessible Coastal Carolina Events Sports and Services (ACCESS) and the Miracle League of Wilmington. ACCESS built a $2-million dollar complex that houses the Miracle Field and the fully-accessible Kiwanis Miracle Playground.”

The Miracle League is a baseball league for adults and kids with disabilities. He founded it, as well as the organization that seeks to create such access to sports fun for people with disabilities. That’s an honorable, sweet-hearted thing if there ever was one.

And yet that same man was compelled to hop on to Facebook and tell all his friends and the public at large to ‘Blow up Republicans.’ Why?

It may be a sign of the times. Perhaps the potency of falling deeper and deeper into political ideologies and/or cultural movements as to advocate for things clearly antithetical to proper modes of being, and to not see the contradiction.

Whatever it is, UNCW owes its students, faculty, donors, and supporting taxpayers a better explanation than ‘We handled it.’ And this professor would do well to do some soul searching as well.

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