Twitter Conservative Clampdown on Conservatives Hits Close to Home

RALEIGH – The discernible pattern among big tech and media companies to have one set of standards for conservatives, or those perceived to be ‘on the Right’ and a completely different set for everyone else has become big news in recent days.

Facebook, Youtube, and Apple, in what seemed like a coordinated move, dropped Alex Jones/InfoWars from their platforms. While Jones is by no means a conservative, or even a credible purveyor of information, the censorship was driven by a Leftist need to squash speech they don’t like. These are private companies, so they can do what they want, but their users can also freely associate (or disassociate) in response.

Now, according to the Daily Haymaker, Twitter is temporarily silencing a conservative North Carolina voice for no other reason than his unapologetic conservative stances.

Haymaker fans from the Raleigh area may be familiar with blogger BobLee . You may recall the trouble he and his partner-in-crime AgentPierce stirred up on the N&O’s comment section back-in-the-day.

BL is a friend of The Haymaker. We link to his stuff on our blogroll. We were surprised to hear this morning that the national controversy around Twitter suspending right-leaning accounts had touched down within the borders of our fine state.

Here’s what BL shared with me, and a few select others this morning:

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Promoting violence, harassment, or threatening? Not a chance.

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