Trump Adviser Gorka Melts Snowflakes at Speech in Chapel Hill

CHAPEL HILL – Former Trump adviser and foreign relations and terrorism expert Sebastian Gorka was spoke on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill upon invitation of UNC College Republicans, UNC Turning Point USA and UNC Christians United For Israel.

Of course, the snowflakes among the student populace couldn’t dare let a divergent point of view be heard on their campus with out the requisite shrill protests and regurgitated smears about fascism and Nazism.

Lefty students were naturally displeased as captured by the Daily Tar Heel:

“First-year Alex Stephens was quick to answer what she expected from the event.

“Radicalism,” she said.


Students voiced frustrations and concerns surrounding Gorka’s political positions during and after the event.  J Street, CHispA and One Voice hosted a talk at the Campus Y after the event to discuss Gorka’s politics as well as how to engage in strategic opposition, while protesters gathered outside Genome during Gorka’s speech. “


“‘Yes, he is racist, anti-semitic and a confidence trickster but he has very publicly failed in every career he has tried. When I exposed his fraudulent Ph.D., countless former colleagues wrote to me to tell me of their shock that such a dangerous failure could have the president’s ear. He is now reduced to peddling his bigoted circus sideshow in front of private audiences hosted by fellow travelers.

“I doubt he came to Carolina because of me; I doubt he knows what a university is.””

The young Leftists apparently couldn’t sit idly by while Gorka gave his view points, attacking a former adviser to the president on foreign policy issues as ‘illegitimate’ and smearing him as a bigot before protesting the events with not-so-clever chants.

“When asked about the protests, Gorka smiled.

“I didn’t even hear them,” he said. “They’re victims of fake news.”

Faisal Khan, director of Carolina Peace Center, said beforehand that the event went beyond the realm of free speech because it was hateful and divisive.

“I’m all open for a constructive conversation and dialogue, but invite people who are credible,” he said. “How can you invite a person to talk about Israel and Palestine — as difficult and as conflicted as that issue is — a person who is known to be an Islamophobe, a person who is known to be connected to a group in Hungary that’s anti-semitic.””

There is no ‘realm’ out of bounds of Free Speech besides that which is threatening or inciting violence. That is the point of Free Speech, not to protect you from unwelcome speakers, regardless of whether political oppisition views them as credible or not.

The apoplectic response from the Left, and recent history of Leftists employing violence to shut down free speech events, makes them guilty of the very fascism and violent hate to which they assign to people like Gorka.

You know what they say, though, if you’re catching flack it means you’re over the target. Perhaps restating facts blowing up the Left’s false narratives about Trump and Russia is one reason why the want to discredit him and drown out his voice.

““A dodgy intelligence agent from MI6 was hired to build an attack file on Donald Trump using Russian propaganda, we now know his sources were Russian propaganda, and that file was invoiced to Hillary Clinton’s lawyer at the DNC for $12 million,” Gorka said.

“That is collusion,” he said. “The source documents that were faked in that report came from Russian assets.””

You can read a comprehensive summary of much of Gorka’s speech that melted the Snowflakes here.

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