Triangle Cities Suffer Second Round of Destructive BLM/Antifa “Protests”

RALEIGH – Over the weekend the new age Marxists descended upon the cities of the Triangle for yet another round of Black Lives Matter Inc./Antifa “protests.” Friday night, the focus was on the City of Oaks, vandalizing the Justice Center, engaging in violence, intimidating and threatening bystanders, and eventually getting swept up by law enforcement.

You don’t get arrested for protesting, mind you. You get arrested for breaking the law.

Notice the individual toward the end of that video, dressed in Portland Chic, with a red scarf/bandanna face covering. He approached and, in a hushed toned, said, ‘I’d stop filming if I were you; like NOW.’ He went on to suggest that while HE wouldn’t, others were WOULD stop the filming by force, and, ‘You won’t see it coming.’

It’s unclear if this was a fair warning, in the interest of heading off such an attack on an innocent person, or a thinly veiled threat of violence. Maybe both. Later, reports emerged of unknown liquids being poured on reporters or those filming the actions of these Antifa (or Antifa wannabes).

It was a mob, intent on rioting, with many of them donning helmets, goggles, and knuckle gloves. They vandalized the Justice Center, including a memorial for fallen law enforcement officers, and chanted “F@#! the Police” while passing out frozen water bottles to throw at police. Just a “Peaceful Protest” in exercise of their First Amendment rights, huh?

The City of Oaks was turned into the City of Wokes.

Of course, the organized marches and ‘Solidarity’ events were also attended by plenty of well-meaning people and misguided people who are under the impression that they’re supporting a movement that supports objectively virtuous goals. Those people provide cover for the motive forces behind such events to commit the true goals — violence and vandalism.

On Saturday night, the Mob moved to Durham, where they committed more vandalism as and expressed their ‘Abolish the Police’ sentiments in the Bull City.

From WRAL:

“[…] Demonstrations began at around 8:30 p.m. and remained calm at around that time. If you were in the area, you may have noticed that traffic was blocked and heard shouting.

Then, at around 10:30 p.m., protests began to escalate. There was a group of about 100 protesters left still on the street. Durham, unlike Raleigh, did not have a curfew in place that night.

As it got later into the night, people started spray painting walls, breaking windows and setting fires in trash cans in downtown Durham.”

This is one of those quintessential ‘Mostly Peaceful’ protests. You know, the ones where not ALL of them commit acts of violence or property damage.

Those participating in these weekend riots are the Woke, the hardcore ‘Anti-Racist’ Marxists that want to burn the prisons, the American flag, the Constitution, and are headlong into the delusion that Systemic Racism and White Supremacy are at the root of all our problems.

These ARE the same fools from Portland and Seattle. They exploit any spark they can to ignite rioting and chaos. The spark for the most recent events was, a man named Jacob Blake, and it’s the latest example of the Radical Left lionizing scum of the Earth individuals, turning them into saints for the singular purpose of Marxian revolution.

The uncontested absurdities of yesterday, have become the slogans of today. “Justice for Jacob” IS that absurdity.

God forbid there is another provocative, or easily twisted, police shooting in our communities. We are only one of those away from becoming Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, Antifa EXECUTED an innocent Patriot Prayer Trump supporter in Portland for merely holding a dissenting view. It will get worse, before it ever gets better. Be ready.



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