Tillis vs Tillis: Professional Panderer Against Border Wall Before He Was For It

WASHINGTON, D.C. – So amid all he negotiations on Capitol Hill about exactly how much amnesty to afford ‘Dreamers,’ you might be wondering where Sen. Thom Tillis has been. One would think Tillis would be hogging th spotlight on one of his signature issues – selling out conservatives by working hand-in-hand with other RINOs and uber-liberals to please his Chamber of Commerce buddies.

It wasn’t long ago that Tillis was co-sponsoring amnesty bills with big time Illinois Leftist and Trump defamer Sen. ‘Little Dicky’ Durbin, and the other members of the immigration deal working group, Sens. Lindsay Grahmnesty and Jeff Flake, were right up his RINO alley.

Alas, Tillis has been notably absent, and it appears it is because even these Establishment and Progressive hacks couldn’t stand Tillis and his ways.

“Tillis has not been at meetings of the working group for several weeks, according to four people familiar with the negotiations, many of whom blame his staff for discussing private talks, being unresponsive or misrepresenting the senator’s own immigration bill.


The group, which includes Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Cory Gardner of Colorado and Democrats Dick Durbin of Illinois and Michael Bennet of Colorado met for an hour Wednesday night at the Capitol. Tillis did not attend, according to people familiar with the meeting. Two other original Republican members, John Cornyn of Texas and James Lankford of Oklahoma, also did not attend, they say.

One of the people familiar with the situation blamed a Tillis staffer for discussing what the senators were negotiating after they had all agreed not to speak to anyone else about it. Another said senators have been irked with a different Tillis staffer for weeks for portraying the senator’s bill as more conservative than it is. A third person blamed Tillis’ staff for being unresponsive, saying Republican members of the group made a decision to move ahead with or without Tillis.”

Well move ahead, they did, and right into meetings with President Trump.

Those meetings yielded the infamous ‘Sh!thole’ allegations, and are currently blowing up in the gang’s faces because Trump is (thankfully) sticking to his guns and demanding border security, while brushing off the Left’s demands for a Dreamer deal to avert a government shut down.

So what does Tillis do? He chimes in from the outskirts to pretend like he has been a supporter of Trump’s border wall all along.

“The president wants his wall, now with a price tag of at least $18 billion, in exchange for allowing DACA immigrants who were brought here by undocumented parents to stay. Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who met with Trump last week, says the president won’t sign any compromise that doesn’t include it. “I really encouraged him to remain steadfast in his position,” Tillis said in an interview Sunday on FOX News, and Republicans are expected to offer a more formal deal as early as Tuesday.”

So you want us to believe you’re an immigration hawk now, Mr. Tillis? You’re not really one to encourage anyone to remain ‘steadfast in their position’ considering you’ve flipped your script on this very issue so blatantly that even you friends in the Charlotte Metro Media are calling you out on it.

“But the wall Tillis backed Sunday is an impractical and inefficient use of the public’s money. Who says so? Thom Tillis, last April.

“We need to recognize that a continuous wall from one end of our Southern border to the other is neither feasible nor effective,” Tillis said in a post on his web site. “It’s basic geology. A 20-foot wall on a 3,000-foot sheer cliff will not stop human crossings or drug trafficking, and neither will a 20-foot wall on the Rio Grande River, where the winding river and soft soil make construction extremely difficult and expensive.””

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Trump’s call for a wall was NEVER a literal call for an end-to-end wall across the entire border. Trump, despite what the media works hard to convey, is not stupid. He understands natural barriers and technology are all useful, and thus, they have always been part of his “wall.”

Pivoting back to Tillis, his switch up here is pretty rich, even for him. You could literally edit Tillis vs Tillis split screen debates on the very issue.

The Lame-stream Media are likely more upset with Tillis because he has seemingly abandoned his ‘statesman-like bipartisanship’ in favor of Trump immigration policy, which to them is racist and mean.

However, we all know better than to think Tillis is the least bit genuine about any of this. More likely, is that Tillis began to calculate the political realities of opposing Trump’s popular immigration stances, and so he is running his mouth like he was with him all the while.

Does this mean Tillis has decided to run again in 2020? It would make sense. He always seems to begin talking a conservative game when he wants to be re-elected, only to relish the muck of the Swamp once he sets foot inside the beltway.

Watch for more opportunism from Tillis in the coming weeks for a good measure of just what he is thinking regarding 2020.

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