Tillis Leading New ‘Gang of 20’ in Amnesty Push

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the government still shutdown due to Democrats intransigent stance on funding border security, Establishment lawmakers are scrambling to cobble together some sort of deal to reopen the Swamp. One of the leading efforts, apparently, is to bribe Democrats to support border wall funding by offering them something they want, such as amnesty for the ambiguous ‘Dreamer’ population.

Sen. Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) seems to be a shot-caller in this new ‘Gang of 20,’ as it’s being called, and he is working hard to sell out conservatives and border hawks in order to end the government shutdown.

From the Washington Examiner:

“The new “gang” consists of 20 percent of the Senate and is hoping to find some kind of answer on immigration that allows the government shutdown to end. Getting there will likely involve some agreement to fund a border wall, a demand of President Trump’s, and some kind of tradeoff that Democrats can support.

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., is a member of the gang but refused to confirm how many are in it, other than to say several lawmakers are involved and talks are bipartisan.

“We are just trying to get the members to talk about a way we can work out of it,” Tillis said. “It’s good that we’ve got Democrats and Republicans in the room. The real question is, can we come up with something that makes progress on border security funding and things that are priorities for my Democratic colleagues.”

Tillis is all too willing to give Democrats what they want, because, after all, these are the kinds of ‘concessions’ Tillis himself wants. It wasn’t too many years ago that the infamous ‘Gang of Eight’ crafted what essentially amounted to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, passing the U.S. Senate, but dying in the Republican-led House.

Now the gang has grown, and RINOs like Tillis have been fully initiated, sans the tear drop tatoos.

“Somebody’s got to move,” Tillis said. “And we are trying to help [Democrats].”

The new gang comes days after a group of Senate Republicans failed to get a deal going that would trade legalization of Dreamers for border wall funding. The deal stalled because Trump is refusing to give up leverage by agreeing to open the government first, without a firm guarantee that wall funding will be on the table in a future immigration deal.

Tillis and Cornyn said they believe the only way to get Trump to sign spending bills that end the shutdown is to secure a deal first that trades off border security and a wall for something Democrats want, such as legalizing Dreamers.

“Obviously there has to be something in it for border security, some portion of that for a wall,” Tillis said. “In order to do that, we have to make progress on a broader immigration deal.””

First of all, wasn’t it Tillis that recently told a Big League Politics reporter that, “there is no such thing as a border wall“?

We’re glad to hear he’s changed his tune in that regard, but obviously more than a little suspicious of what kind of offer Tillis and his gang will ultimately put forth. Whichever way it goes, you can rest assured that Tillis will be trying to soak up as much lime light as he can, patting himself on the back for ‘bipartisanship,’ while selling out the security interests of the nation.

Read more from the Washington Examiner here.

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