Tillis in The Hill: No ‘Literal Physical Wall,’ ‘Amnesty For DACA’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) can always be relied upon to observe the conservative position on an issue, and then do all he can to hinder its implementation with Left-leaning pragmatism and an Establishment mindset. Illegal immigration is a perfect example of how Tillis embodies his self-labeled RINO status: he teams up with Democrats to craft amnesty bills, he moves to expand foreign worker limits, and he opposes common sense efforts to build a physical wall on the border.

Tillis will then turn around and campaign as the conservative option for the Old North State. Give us a break.

Here Tillis is writing an op-ed for The Hill on why amnesty and kinda/sorta border security should be what Americans get out of the government shutdown standoff:

[…] When it comes to securing our borders, it’s important to note that the real solution is not going to be a big, literal physical wall, but rather an all-the-above, all-hands-on deck approach: more funding for personnel, more funding for technology and more funding for infrastructure, including physical barriers and steel fences. […]

The American people also want a long-term solution for the DACA population—the 700,000 young residents who were brought to the United States as children through no fault of their own and then registered through the DACA program to be able to legally reside and work here.[…]

When the president announced he was phasing out DACA in late 2017, I introduced the SUCCEED Act which offers a merit-based process for the DACA-eligible population to earn a 10 to 12-year path to citizenship as long as they work hard, contribute to their communities, and follow the law. 

After introducing the bill, I was derided by the far-right as an amnesty-supporting “RINO,” despite reiterating that it would have to be part of a larger compromise that would also secure our borders.[…]”

Tillis may be trying to shed the ‘RINO’ label now that the 2020 campaign season has officially kicked off, but it’s a title he has proudly lived up to while in The Swamp, both in rhetoric and in effect. He has a habit of pivoting toward identifying as a conservative when an election is close, but his words are as empty, pandering at best.

He is a big fan of ‘compromise,’ but those compromises usually come on matters of core conservative policies and principles. He does not speak for conservatives in North Carolina; he speaks for the Chamber of Commerce, and often for whichever Democrat lawmaker he’s reaching across the aisle to hold hands with.

Read the rest of Tillis’ op-ed in The Hill here, and ask yourself if his bipartisan compromises will turn the tide of illegal immigration and enforcement, or merely secure his high level of comfort living in The Swamp that is Washington, D.C.

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