Third Wheel: Forward Party played active role in high profile Democrat primary

In a significant primary election, the North Carolina Forward Party (NCFP) actively supported incumbent Democrat Rep. Cecil Brockman, D-Guilford, in his reelection bid. 

“Representative Brockman has a demonstrated history of compromising in a partisan NC assembly,” Evan Hess, NCFP Executive Committee Member, told the Carolina Journal in an email. “We support any representative, including Brockman, who chooses to put a majority of his constituents over the loudest voices in the room. The people of North Carolina expect their elected representatives to vote in accordance with their wishes. Brockman’s primary win reflects two realities: his willingness to compromise with the opposition for his constituents and his continued reelection by a majority of voters in Guilford County. The North Carolina Forward Party will support any candidate, Democrat or Republican, who demonstrates a willingness to work with the other side.”

The proliferation of Third Parties has accelerated as voters grow frustrated with limited options and increasing polarization. How those alternate parties affect election outcomes may extend beyond merely winning seats for themselves.

To that point, NCFP is taking Brockman’s recent victory as “a testament to the resilience of constituent-focused leadership over party-driven ideological purity,” according to the press release. This support comes on the heels of public statements and positions taken by NCFP emphasizing concerns over the prominent political discourse that is being driven by the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) and other ideologically motivated activists. The NCFP has been extremely vocal in criticizing YDNC, stating that  YDNC’s actions were motivated to undermine the independence and prioritization of constituents by Brockman and other Democratic representatives. 

On Nov. 1, 2023, NCFP encouraged young activists to promote diversity of perspectives over ideological purity. In addition, they emphasized the importance of diversity in viewpoints and advocacy for representatives who best serve the interests of the constituents as opposed to adhering strictly to ideological lines. 

“We view it as coming to bat for the moderate-middle voters of North Carolina,” said NCFP Chair Pat Newton. “The reaction of the Democratic Party to Representative Brockman’s willingness to work with members of all parties to find solutions for our citizens should be applauded, not criticized. The ultimate solution will emerge when we end gerrymandering, implement Instant Runoff Elections, institute term limits, and create a system where voters are heard, and decisions are not dictated by a two-party duopoly. In the meantime, we will continue to support elected officials like Representative Brockman, who are willing to collaborate with others and strive to highlight instances where individuals from different parties put aside their differences and do what is best for our state.”

As the NCFP advocated for Brockman, they underscored the party’s vision for a “more inclusive, constituent-focused political discourse.” At the same time, it illuminates the discrepancies between the rhetoric of ideological purity and the reality of legislating, which plays a key role in the narrative around Brockman’s re-election campaign. 

With a Third Party effectively working to help a secure a victory for an incumbent member of one of the two traditional parties, voters and poll watchers may need to consider this factor more carefully in future elections.

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