There is *NO EVIDENCE* of Voter Fraud…Except This…Oh, and This…

RALEIGH – Ever since the Republican General Assembly began pushing for Voter ID – a 100 percent common sense measure in an area that demands integrity – the political Left in North Carolina and beyond has labeled it a racist tool of minority voter suppression and gleefully painted any of its supporters as Jim Crow-loving bigots.

The experience of the dozens of states that have ID requirements pointing to evidence of increased minority turn out, or no effective suppression at the very least, is brushed off.

Instead the Left jumps right to, ‘There’s no evidence of voter fraud, so why do we even need Voter ID?’Beyond being a non sequitur, the argument is a little like, ‘Why do I need insurance? I’ve never been sick before?’

But then again, there are numerous examples of voter fraud documented by the likes of the Voter Integrity Project. Then the Left’s argument changes to there being such a small amount of fraud that there need not be a simple way to eliminate it, plus the obligatory ‘You’re a racist.’

And then officials across the state keep finding more and more examples of voter fraud, and prosecuting them, so the Left must find a new strategy.

May I present to you, the ‘Alamance 12’ story, in which the political Left and their media friends are spinning the undeniable evidence of voter fraud as victimizing the perpetrators and the choice to prosecute the individuals as a racist plot by white Republicans. Seriously.

“Keith Sellars and his daughters were driving home from dinner at a Mexican restaurant last December when he was pulled over for running a red light. The officer ran a background check and came back with bad news for Mr. Sellars. There was a warrant out for his arrest.

As his girls cried in the back seat, Mr. Sellars was handcuffed and taken to jail.

His crime: Illegal voting.

“I didn’t know,” said Mr. Sellars, who spent the night in jail before his family paid his $2,500 bond. “I thought I was practicing my right.”

Mr. Sellars, 44, is one of a dozen people in Alamance County in North Carolina who have been charged with voting illegally in the 2016 presidential election. All were on probation or parole for felony convictions, which in North Carolina and many other states disqualifies a person from voting. If convicted, they face up to two years in prison.”

What follows in this New York Times piece is a twisting and squirming of facts and logic to make the convicted felons that voted illegally into victims by way of the “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” defense.

So it has truly come full circle. From, ‘There is no voter fraud, you’re just racist!’, to, ‘How dare you prosecute this voter fraud, you racist!’

“While election experts and public officials across the country say there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, local prosecutors and state officials in North Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Idaho and other states have sought to send a tough message by filing criminal charges against the tiny fraction of people who are caught voting illegally.

“That’s the law,” said Pat Nadolski, the Republican district attorney in Alamance County. “You can’t do it. If we have clear cases, we’re going to prosecute.””

That sounds right for some reason. Oh yeah, because IT IS THE LAW. And it is one more reason to enact simple, straightforward measures to make sure those that can vote have there vote protected, and those that aren’t supposed to vote are prevented from doing so.

Read the rest of the piece documenting voter fraud while making victims out of the illegal voters here.


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