The Left’s War on Children and Tradition

(Hussein Hill is an independent, right leaning, libertarian content creator and political activist that lives in North Carolina. He’s detested by the Left because he breaks all their preformed molds and, worse, adroitly challenges their cultural and political narratives with flair. He does just that, below, regarding the Left’s generations long indoctrination campaign, and why it’s crumbling.)

Whether it be the Covington Catholic School boys, the cheerleading squad from Stanley County, North Carolina or the nationwide child drag shows and third trimester abortions.  The modern left has shown their vehement, predatory and callous treatment of our nation’s youth in the face of political warfare. However, these incidents speak to a far more pernicious agenda that has manifested itself since the mid-1960s and late 1970s.  This agenda is a resentment fueled, all-out assault on traditional modes of being, normative parameters, as well as institutions put forth by western civilization via the inculcation, manipulation and indoctrination of western youth.

 Before we dive into this brief analysis, let me be clear.  I am in no way shape or form your run of the mill Republican.  Nor am I a “conventional individual”, generally speaking. Being a homosexual, spiritually pagan, mixed race man who both grew up listening to and loves heavy metal, punk and alternative rock, I completely comprehend the idea of dissension.  The philosophical benefit of necessary chaos, so to speak, is not lost on me. With that said, I am not only aware of the necessity of structure, tradition and normality, I am grateful for it. I could not exist if it were not for the westernized, Christian inspired, rule of law; the heterosexual majority along with the average citizen who dedicates their lives to concentrating on endeavors that push society further via family and career.  I only seek to enhance and intellectually contribute to the broader community, not to destroy or subvert it. The modern left seems to have a vastly different modus operandi in mind.

The post-civil rights push to further the perceived struggles of various social groups has resulted in a rapid and aggressive deconstruction of social norms held by the majority of the population.  For example, the many iterations of the women’s rights movement. In the case of feminism, we have seen the evolution from what was once arguably the fight for female autonomy to eugenics based, breeding regulation (aka abortion) a de-emphasis on monogamy and the degradation of traditional gender roles.  This has, at least in part, contributed to statistically observable declines in birth rates, marriage rates and the mental well-being among western women since, roughly, the 1960s. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention marks 2018 as having the lowest birth rates in 32 years within the US. 

Another phenomena that has affected our social milieu is the “LGBTQ” movement.  The early gay rights movement, known as the Homophile movement, focused merely on the extension of civil rights to homosexuals.  The right to work, private sexual congress, citizenship and enlistment in the armed forces. The founders of the 1966, North American Conference of Homophile Organizations expressed concerns of political radicals, coopting their movement with a one Foster Gunnison Jr.  referring to said radicals as “fringe elements, beatniks and other professional non conformists”.   In the wake of the infamous Stone Wall riots, such elements came in the form of organizations like the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activist Alliance.  These groups were not mere advocacy groups. They were in fact revolutionaries that openly called for the dismantling of the nuclear family, biologically defined sex and even espoused militant, anti-capitalist rhetoric.  

Fast forward to present day, we see the celebration of the mainstream media over the sexualizing of prepubescent boys, legislatively enforced, inclusion of biological males into biologically female spaces, increased suicidality amongst non-heterosexuals and rampant promiscuity coupled with a rise of sexually transmitted diseases among non-heterosexual males.  Adversely, we have also seen a spike in anti-gay, religious advocates along with a drop in overall acceptance for non-heterosexuals, specifically among younger generations. Now, the left would like to blame this on Trump’s reasonable restrictions on transsexuals into the armed forces due to their chemically induced, biological and psychological instability. However, it is a bit difficult to do so given his overall, pro-gay rhetoric and push to decriminalize non-heterosexuality, worldwide.

The truth of the matter is that these tragic, societal results are a symptom of the left’s attempts at social engineering.  In the past they have utilized music, art and film to exploit the natural proclivity of younger generations to rebel, in order to forward their deconstructive whims.  Even in regards to the very genres of music I grew up listening to. The anti-traditional American ethos, echoed through many of the songs of some of my favorite artists.  This also explains why the left displays no empathy when targeting right wing children. Said children are a distillation of the reality of how the left has lost its stranglehold on the youthful imagination. Without the acceptance of the youth, social revolutions cannot thrive and promulgate. This infuriates the left.  No longer are rehashed, quasi revolutionary, store bought and rebellious trimmings enough to satiate the next generation of Americans. They crave truth, national identity, pride, purpose and above all, a semblance of tradition. They want to embrace and love their American culture, not to destroy it. The modern left has become the outdated, vestigial, unnatural tyrants of the modern age. And they know it.   

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