The Left Keeps Revealing Themselves As Anti-Liberty, Not Anti-Slavery

RALEIGH – If you ask everyday people what they think of the confederate statues and memorials at the center of so much controversy, you’re likely to here some well-reasoned responses alluding to mixed feelings, sensible solutions, or dismay at the level of crazy surrounding the issue.

If you ask the political Left though – those engaged activists, lawmakers, and Twitter tyrants – you are more likely to here applause for violent mob action to take statues down ‘because it’s right,’ hysteria about oppressive symbols that are still standing, and a false choice implicating as a racist anyone that would so much as pause to thoughtfully consider reasons for keeping the statues.

That’s because the most active element within the opposition to the confederate memorials is driven more by advancing an anti-liberty agenda based on coerced collectivism than they ever were about the principles of freedom that animated the abolition movement.

They simply adopt the forces of identity politics that serves their interests, much like the Women’s March in D.C., the anti-gun marches, or even the teacher’s marches.

Gov. Roy Cooper was savvy enough to officially condemn the violent action in Chapel Hill, even if he did it with a wink and a nod. Other Democrats and the increasingly radical Left, though, continue to reveal their true colors.

For instance, these three Democratic state lawmakers, representing the very areas (Durham, Chapel Hill) where violent Leftists have disregarded laws to destroy statues, issued statements standing in solidarity with the mob.

Again, these are lawmakers, effectively cheering on a gang of disgruntled activists and students breaking the law. In a common deflection used by the Left, they essentially blame the Republicans for not appeasing the mobs that eventually took matters into their own hands.

These lawmakers were joined int heir support of violent mobs by the newly sanctioned Green Party of North Carolina.

At least the Green Party is a little more honest in their presentation of values, but the Democrats are mostly right there with them in a less overt way.

The Green Party links to the Durham Solidarity Center, a cesspool of communist-lite propaganda that pushes the ‘Do it like Durham’ movement, referencing the North Korea sympathizing Marxists that forcefully toppled a confederate statue near the Durham courthouse in August 2017.

(The perpetrators in Durham, after police stood back and watched it all take place, were charged, but then summarily dismissed by the friendly prosecutors.)

The explicit message is that the Left not only supports anyone willing to break the law in the spirit of social justice, but that many Leftists will actively finance the costs of your crimes in doing so. They encourage it, because the more collective mayhem, the better for their political wishes.

An honest to goodness discussion of slavery, racism, and proper ways to address perceived deficiencies in how the State remembers history would necessarily focus on individual liberty. That’s why many professional Leftists cannot have that honest discussion and instead rally for mob action and gin up more victimization at every turn, because individual liberty is anathema to their political philosophy.

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