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Another Republican Steps Into 2020 Congressional NC-03 Ring

Kitty Hawk Republican Paul Wright, announcing his 2020 run for NC-03 on January 10, is one of two official candidates in what is expected to be a crowded race for an open congressional seat.

More Cronyism? Speaker Moore & The Chicken Plant

Concerns are resurfacing that NC House Speaker Tim Moore 9R-Cleveland) inappropriately used his powerful political position to engage in some cronyism involving bending regulatory rules to benefit a real estate investment.

Tillis Says He ‘Hates Idea’ of Trump Declaring National Emergency on...

On the topic of President Donald Trump threats to declare a national emergency on the southern border in order to leverage special powers to fund additional border security, Tillis said he 'hates the idea.'

Crooked Cooper & The Solar Cronies

Gov. Roy Cooper is finding it hard to deflect and explain away damning information that implies the primary ACP permit approval, aside from involving a $58 million personal slush fund for the governor, was evidently replete with crony backscratching for donors and special interest groups.

NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin Tweets Reads Like Campaign Ad for 2020...

Although NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin has now presided over a record fundraising cycle that contributed to Democrats making serious dents in the Republican legislative majority in 2018, he appears to me campaigning to get his old job back as State Insurance Commissioner.