Surprised? Evidence Democrats ALSO ILLEGALLY harvesting absentee ballots in NC09

RALEIGH – It was only a matter of time before all the rocks Democrats were throwing, related to electoral fraud in the 9th District, ended up cracking a wall in their own glass house. Thanks to Nick Ochsner of WBTV in Charlotte, we can see those cracks spreading:

“A review of absentee ballot covers for ballots cast in Bladen County in the 2018 general election show two people associated with the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC witnessed more than 100 absentee ballots.

An interview with one man who cast his ballot at the urging of a woman paid by the PAC suggests the organization may have collected and turned in absentee ballots in ways that violate the law.

WBTV confirmed the PAC’s absentee ballot efforts and tracked down donors through documents were posted by the North Carolina State Board of Elections as part of its investigation into ballot irregularities in the 9th Congressional District Election.”

As has been pointed out by sharp eyes on the Right, the Bladen County Improvement Association is a PAC that received the majority of its funding from Democrats in 2016. It was the subject of complaints that were made about its activities then, but the State Board essentially ignored them.

Now, it looks like the Democratic PAC kept it up, and is being revealed as one more cog in the wheel of absentee ballot harvesting in 2018. Vendors for Republican Mark Harris’ campaign had, until this point, been the focus of electoral fraud allegations and evidence. The Left has suddenly assumed the label of electoral integrity champions (even while they oppose Voter ID) because it helps them score points against Republicans.

ALL fraud should be pursued doggedly, and perpetrators punished. Wouldn’t the new election integrity opportunists on the Left agree?

“The station has also identified two people with the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC who submitted more than 100 absentee ballot request forms each for the general election and who also received payment from the PAC for “G.O.T.V.”

On Thursday, WBTV reviewed each of the 796 ballot covers posted by the NCSBE as having been cast in Bladen County.

That reviewed identified 110 covers where signed by either or both Lola Wooten and Deborah Monroe, two women who are listed as having been paid by the PAC.

Two of those ballots were cast by Raymond Melvin and his wife Shirley.

Wooten signed both of the Melvins’ ballots. Raymond Melvin said they requested ballots because of her.”

This seems awfully familiar. It’s almost as if the shady practices of Leslie McCrae Dowless were a well-practiced tactic in this part of the state, employed by both sides. Maybe Dowless had shared his expertise with Democrats when he was registered as one, before switching his registration to Republican in 2015.

““The young lady, she come because we were saying we don’t vote,” he explained. “Well, then she said, ‘well you can do it like this right here.’” [… ] “They came back and made sure that we filled it out right,” Melvin said.

Specifically, Melvin told WBTV that one woman – Wooten—came to help them vote.

Wooten is signed as the first witness on both of the Melvins’ ballots. But the second witness is different on both ballots, despite the fact that they were cast at the same time.” […] “I gave it to them and they mailed it off,” he said.”

In the State of North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone to mail your or turn in you ballot with few exceptions like family members.

As more and more absentee ballot covers are examined by the press on the hunt for more evidence of fraudulent activity, in Bladen County and other with ling histories of shady get out the vote efforts, Democrats are inevitably going to be caught up in it.

That’s hardly surprising. More interesting will be how Democrats and their media friends treat those developments – will they view them with the same level of concern, or will CNN interview the head of this Democratic PAC during prime time? Probably not, but they should.

The leader of the PAC had this to say when reporters started asking for answers:

““We’ve been advised not to talk about this because some of the things that have been implied, we’ve been told it’s best to stay out it,” Cogdell said.”

“The most recent campaign finance disclosure report filed by the PAC lists just four contributors: the North Carolina Democratic Party Federal Account; Hakeem Brown, who ran for sheriff as a Democrat in 2018; Democrat school board member Vinston Rozier Sr.; and Ophelia Munn-Goins.”

So who is advising them to keep their mouth shut? Probably the same people that pay their bills. Expect the ‘nothing to see here’ narrative to get attached to this one, even while the Democrats leverage all the other apparent fraud to taint Republicans in general.

Read more about these developments here.

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