Support the Education First Alliance to Fight Woke Indoctrination in NC Public Schools

RALEIGH – Now that most of the world has come around to the reality that kids need to be IN SCHOOL to get a proper education and benefit from the all the learning social settings provide, many are making sure that the focus on what that public school education entails remains sharp.

North Carolina, just like other states around the country, has been under the insidious influence of Social Justice Warriors and Woke Public Schooling Missionaries for long enough that it is embedded in many of our classrooms, in curriculum, and sponsored openly by our partisan state school board. Wrapped in warm and fuzzy language and the good intentions of well-meaning people, in practice it manifests malignantly. It poisons the minds of our youth, while serving the political and cultural interests of factions that quite literally think our nation’s founding premise is evil and anything associated with it similarly guilty.

Critical Race Theory, environmental extremism, and Cultural Marxism is spreading like a cancer among the education complex. The good news is people are waking up. Opening people’s eyes are the brave and courageous people taking stands to fight back, and they’re right here in the Old North State.

The Education First Alliance was founded to fight “for the equality of dignity and of opportunity for all K-12 students in North Carolina’s educational system.”

“We are an alliance of parents, teachers, and concerned citizens who came together to fight for the rights of all students to receive quality in-person learning.  

We fight for equal rights because we believe in equal value. Racial discrimination and critical race theory matter, not just because they erode the fabric of this nation, or threaten our freedom, they matter because they fly in the face of the belief that every person, every child, is just as important as the next. 

Asking children to solve, or suffer the punishment for, previous generations’ injustices is not only irresponsible and ineffective it is a continuance of that same injustice.

If ever you’re at a crossroads, asking yourself whether to believe in an ideology masquerading as some sort of justice, ask yourself: does it reflect equal value? Because acknowledging equal value is how you find yourself in possession of equal rights. 

We fight for dignity and opportunity in education because we believe in the next generation, in every possible way. Not the white children in the next generation, or the children of color, or just the children in private schools or a part of public education. We believe in, and advocate for, every child that is being asked to fight against a racist system they had no part in building.”

Earlier this week, the Alliance launched ‘School House Shock’ as a reporting tool for indoctrination in the classroom:

“[…] “We named our program ‘Schoolhouse Shock’ because it is shocking that schools have gone from being a cocoon where children could happily develop to a divisive cauldron where playing the game of identity politics reigns supreme,” said Education First Alliance’s President Sloan Rachmuth. “Parents are equally frustrated at the lack of transparency and accountability for what is being taught in North Carolina’s schools.”

Mrs. Rachmuth continued, “Our new statewide whistleblower program, Schoolhouse Shock, will add to our toolbox in the fight against the onslaught of racially inflammatory and sexualized curriculums that children are being immersed in all over North Carolina.” We want to help families end the fear and harassment coming from our public schools, but we need our community to help us fight back. We are asking whistleblowers to submit verifiable information about school wrongdoing to the Schoolhouse Shock website Education First Alliance is partnering with legal organizations, investigative journalists, and advocacy groups to expose and stop abusive and racially discriminatory policies and practices in North Carolina schools. The identity of all whistleblowers will be protected.” […]”

We at First in Freedom Daily cannot think of a more honorable fight than to fight for our kids and the blessings offered them, all of us, by sound education. Moreover, we recognize that Woke indoctrination not only fails the basic tests of sound education, but is uniquely and devastatingly dangerous to our children and our culture. While we’ve called out the Social Justice Warriors and Woke agitators for years, before it was cool to do so, the aggressive advance of this ideology demands action.

That’s why we are asking you to support the Education First Alliance. Share their story, share their website, tell friends where to find them, read their materials, make sure your PTA friends know where to find them, provide real targets of investigation to the Alliance, and donate funds to keep their fight going.

Often in life, when faced with unwanted and unwarranted developments, we think, “Someone should do something.”

The team at Education First Alliance didn’t wait for someone; they started taking action. Now you can ‘do something,’ too, by making sure your family and friends — and school administrators — know about this resource and what a sound education should really mean for our children.

Head there now, sign up for a chapter, or start your own. Before it’s too late.

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