‘Suffocate This B!tch’ : Leftist Threatens Outspoken Conservative NC House Member

KITTY HAWK – The Liberal Left is a tolerant, compassionate, peace-loving bunch – at least that’s what they’d have you believe. Evidence to the contrary appears almost daily, perhaps exemplified best by the violent Antifa movements that seek to shut down dissenting voices or risk a beat down by a mob of masked cowards.

Far from being limited to the most hardcore of activists, political violence, or the suggestion thereof, oozes from all sorts of regular folks. A recent example of this is the case of one Ms. Holly Gibson, and her post in the Currituck County Political Forum Facebook group that someone should suffocate Rep. Beverly Boswell (R-Dare) with a plastic bag.


Now, there’s no telling what Rep. Boswell did to trigger Ms. Gibson. After all, Boswell well is a consummate conservative that likely triggers the Left with her mere existence. Judging by Gibson’s Facebook page (complete with ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ memes), though, Boswell’s profile picture of her holding a gun and demonstrating her commitment to the Second Amendment is probably what sent Gibson over the edge.

Gibson caps off a rant about the ‘divisive’ and ‘toxic’ Facebook forum by writing, “If there is a God a plastic bag will suffocate this bitch,” whole sharing a Boswell’s gun-toting profile picture.

So Lefties like Gibson are so compassionate and concerned by tragic and senseless violence that they…encourage senseless violence against those that hold tight to conservative principles.

(Ms. Perkinson was merely sharing this post with Gibson, to which Gibson replied ‘Again, you’re a sorry bitch.’ Such a lady, this Ms. Gibson)

The full rant reads:

“I can clearly see that if you don’t take the position of a heartless conservative you must be a bleeding heart liberal. This is not an actual political group that hopes to foster change and bridge the gap. This is a very toxic place that’s only furthering the divide. I’m sure I’ll be known as the libeal snowflake that couldn’t take different opinions and had to go run and find their safe space, but really I can’t handle the stupidity on here.

If there is a God a plastic bag will suffocate this bitch.”

How’s that for ‘fostering change’ and ‘bridging the gap’? How far can one take such threats before the cops are involved?

Luckily, Boswell will not shrink away from such vile language in her fight for conservative values. She did, however, call Gibson out and posted that the threat made her grandchildren worry for her life.

“Do you know Holly? I don’t. No matter your politics, I have never wanted someone dead. And adding “if there is a God”. Somehow made it all worse.
Thank you Holly. You have traumatized my grandchildren. They called crying because they were afraid that you were going to kill me.”

Some people resort to violence when they can’t win an argument, and those people appear so often on the Left because there are few, if any, good arguments for the Big Government policies they champion so fanatically.

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