‘Sexist’ UNCW Commencement Remarks Melt Snowflakes

WILMINGTON – Even though it’s May, there are evidently a lot of snowflakes still around the campus of UNC Wilmington. Those snowflakes melted when UNC Board of Governors member Thomas Fetzer gave brief remarks at the university’s graduation program this weekend that included suggesting young men only borrow money for three things – education, a house, and a diamond ring.

That was regarded as sexist by complaining professors. Seriously.

From WBTV:

In that portion of the speech, Fetzer was talking about personal finances and said:

“Let me just cut to the chase young ladies, there are only two things in this world you should borrow money for. Your continuing education and a house. Pay cash for everything else because it’s a depreciating asset and you will end up owing more than it is worth. And that is the road to ruin. Those are the parents clapping. Young men,I will add one thing to the list for which you may borrow money. A diamond ring. Because it will appreciate, and so will she.”

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You can listen to those *ghastly* remarks below, at the 26:32 mark, but snowflakes be forewarned, they may rapidly elevate your temperature.

Despite that Fetzer apparently went off script from his University approved comments, the financial pointers for the graduating young men and women are what you would call, ‘Good Advice” for the vast majority of those in attendance.

However, because this is a college campus replete with the ‘woke’ Social Justice Warriors that view the world through their ludicrous postmodernist lens, this simple advice to buy a girl a diamond ring and get married was received as shockingly offensive. Several professors wrote emails to complain.

More from WBTV:

One, emailed Logan to find out if the speech Fetzer gave was vetted. Part of that email read:

“I have heard from several students and parents who were both disappointed and offended by the Board of Governor’s representative, Mr. Fetzer’s long and sexist speech at graduation. Traditionally this speech has just been a “greeting” of a few sentences. Mr. Fetzer took the position of keynote speaker, much of his content was unnecessary, some of it entirely inappropriate. To advise students “Gentleman… you must invest in a diamond for your lady” was something right out of 1965…to say it was insulting to women who have just received their degree is an understatement.” She went on to write, “Thousands of parents, and more importantly students, heard this speech. It does not reflect the mission of UNCW. It was nothing less than an embarrassment.” […]

UNCW graduate Taylor Sauls said she found the speech insulting.“I was just really annoyed with the whole tone of the speech. It seemed really patronizing and I didn’t feel like my graduation was a time to be lectured or to kind of be spoken down to. I appreciate any advice of course, but really, the tone. It is 2019 and this is not the time for archaic gender stereotypes and I did not appreciate the implication at my graduation that I’m somehow worse with money or would be more inclined to take out loans for frivolous things than my male counterparts. Graduation day, I worked just as hard as they did to get there and I feel I’m just as capable in any way,” Sauls said. […]”

These people are serious, folks. Advising young men to buy a girls a diamond ring is “sexist,” an “embarrassment,” and an “archaic gender stereotype.”

The offended graduate, her woke vocabulary notwithstanding, may want to revisit listening comprehension. Fetzer did not imply women were worse with money than men, he simply added one more item for which borrowing money is worth it for the young men. And he’s right; it’s worth it for young men and women to invest in a loving marriage, establish a family (or something like it), and employ those values that make families successful.

Such advice is just as relevant to the gay or non-binary intersectional Klingon identifiers in the crowd, if they could just get rid of the progressive wax in their ears that taints their ability to think critically.

Finally, if you’ve ever heard a college commencement speech by a Leftist speaker (almost every college commencement speech), then you know how rich it is that this graduate is complaining about being lectured to, or spoken down to, in a ‘patronizing’ way.

So, as you make travel plans for the Memorial Day weekend, make sure to check the weather forecast around the Wilmington beaches….a lot of snowflakes showed themselves just this weekend.

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