Click “play” to hear El Rushbo eviscerate Thom Tillis using many of the same points we first brought you on this site last night.

Ladies and gentlemen, earlier today around 12:45 local time, live from the EIB Studios, from behind the Golden EIB Microphone, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, The Great Rush Limbaugh dove into the Thom Tillis story we first brought you on this site last night.

The almighty El Rushbo executed the points with the precision of a man operating with half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair for the left.

Rush made many of the same points we made  on Thom Tillis’ oped in which the North Carolina Senator claimed Republicans do NOT have a mandate to push a conservative agenda. Instead, Tillis claimed the American people made it clear that Republicans were supposed to cave to Democrats and work together to just get things done.

We’ll go straight to the transcript provided at (emphasis added)

Rush started his monologue saying, “North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis in the Charlotte Observer yesterday wrote his own op-ed: “Voters Didn’t Give Republicans a Mandate.”  He says, “Since the election, I’ve heard some of my fellow Republicans claim that the party received a decisive mandate from voters. Let’s be clear: The American people didn’t give the GOP a stamp of approval or a mandate to ram through an ideologically-driven, far-right agenda. If the election was a mandate for anything, it was for elected officials in both parties to break through the gridlock to finally start producing results.”

Rush then exclaimed, “That is a Republican writing that!  Thom Tillis, North Carolina.”

El Rushbo went on to educating Tillis in a way no one but Rush can possibly pull off.

Rush explained of Tillis, “Here’s a Republican using the term “far-right.”

“I mean, that is a derogatory term, and he’s using it to talk about his own voters and other Republicans all across the country. He says, “If the election was a mandate for anything, it was for elected officials in both parties to break through the gridlock to finally start producing results.” Now, this is patently not true. It’s obviously not true. So why is he writing this? Well, I will venture forth some guesses here in just a second. But let’s deal with the substance here,” Rush explained.

Rush went on to point out, as First In Freedom did last night, “Where could anybody, how could anybody look at this election and this campaign and conclude that what voters wanted was the two parties to “break through the gridlock” and work together? Because what has happened in this country since 2010 is that the Democrat Party has been shellacked. The American people have defeated Democrats in 2010, 2012. Remember, even when Obama wins reelection 2012, the Republicans won control of the House. The tea Party election 2010, then 2012, and then they got the Senate.”

Rush then pointed out, as First In Freedom Daily Did as well, that the Democrat Party is not even a national party anymore.

“And all during this period of time the Democrats have lost… I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say this. They’ve lost over a thousand electoral seats in national and state elections. They have been repudiated totally. Obama personally and political has been repudiated. There was no evidence and is no evidence whatsoever that American voters want anything to do with the Democrat agenda. Not a majority of them. The Democrat Party has been, folks — it really has been rendered — in many ways not a national party,” Rush explained.

“The only thing that gives the illusion that it’s a national party is the media and the way they portray Washington as being dominated by Democrats. Whatever Democrats do is what “is,” Rush explained.

“This election was specifically about making America great again. And to do that, the American people realized they had to defeat Democrats. They don’t want to the Democrats participating in this. The Democrats are the reason people are miserable and unhappy and have future careers that look dismal and look like they’re absent any serious health care. I mean, it’s just… It’s a total, total mess. Tillis then says, “Americans from all walks of life have voiced their deep frustration with Washington’s seeming inability to get anything constructive done.”

Rush then let’s Tillis have it: “Yep, that’s a description of the Democrats (chuckles), and the Republicans didn’t do anything. Republicans were given mandates in 2010. The Republicans were given a mandate in 2014. They didn’t do anything! Here’s a guy saying that there wasn’t ever a mandate and certainly not in 2016. “Republicans should remember that when Trump campaigned, he wasn’t holding up a conservative manifesto at every rally. Instead, his message was simple: cut deals and deliver results.” Senator Tillis, you either weren’t listening or you’re not watching.”

“For crying out loud, he has surrounded himself with perhaps a more conservative cabinet than any Republican president we’ve ever had! I’m sorry for getting a little expressive here. But this is mind-boggling. You know what this is? Mr. Tillis obviously is going to run for some other office somewhere down the road, because this — what he’s writing here and what he’s saying — bears no resemblance to what happened in the most recent election.”

This is the kind of moderate, bipartisan BS that you get from RINOs, and RINOs had nothing to do with this past election, other than trying to stop Trump, and they failed. We even had some conservatives known as Never Trumpers who tried to stop Trump, and they failed. Thom Tillis was elected in North Carolina to enact conservative solutions, to participate with the rest of the party in enacting conservative solutions to the existing problems created by the left and by the Democrat Party.”

It’s truly a remarkable takedown by El Rushbo.

Listen to the full take down here!

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