Roy Cooper Wishes He Could Fine You for Disobeying His Commands

RALEIGH – Governor Roy Cooper gave an interview Thursday in which a sympathetic media outlet set him up to attack his 2020 opponent Dan Forest (for campaigning), to attack President Donald Trump (for not having a magic bullet), and to attack YOU for having the audacity to not adhering to his every command.

Just after acknowledging that President Donald Trump helped with hurricane relief efforts, something Cooper has a HORRIBLE record on (Have those Hurricane Matthew relief funds been distributed yet? What year is it?), Cooper pivots to attack the president, asserting the federal strategy for mitigating the pandemic is ‘non-existent.’

He then pivots to the kind of bitter campaign politics we expect to see much more of as the race against Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest heats up. Cooper, who has the incredible incumbent advantage of putting himself on TV every other day to lecture North Carolinians about compliance with executive orders and to presenting himself as some White Knight guarding us all from COVID-19, has an issue with Dan Forest campaigning without a mask.


“My opponent, Dan Forest, is going around holding in-person receptions without a mask, without social distancing and he’s talking about saying that he’s shaking as many hands as he possibly can,” Cooper said. “That’s the kind of thing we need to stop.” […]

Cooper said he and his campaign have no plans to resume the in-person events it halted in March. Asked how and whether he’d enforce his statewide mask mandate against Forest, Cooper said he didn’t want to violate people’s First Amendment free speech rights. Instead, he is banking on public pressure to halt Forest.

“No. 1, we’re calling him out,” Cooper said of Forest’s campaign practices. “We hope that he will see the light and stop this, and I think he’s having significantly fewer people that are attending his events because they are concerned about their own health and safety.” […]”

Wow; Forest is fortunate we have a Constitution. If it weren’t for that it seems Governor Cooper would simply shut down Forest’s campaign events as ‘Threats to Public Health.’

We suspect that Cooper is miffed that Forest is even campaigning against him. We also suspect that Cooper wishes he could force a muzzle mask on Forest, to prevent him from going around the state pointing out how horrible of a job Cooper is doing on behalf of donors like George Soros and the Radical Left.

In fact, Cooper says it himself; he wishes he had the power to fine YOU for not wearing a mask in public. He even suggests that the law should be changed so he can.

“Enforcement is going as well as it can,” Cooper said. “We’re constantly looking at more ways to require better enforcement of the orders.”

He noted that he wished he had more authority to take action by levying fines.

“The statute is limited as to what the governor can do in enforcement of orders, and that it’s limited to misdemeanor criminal violations, which when we go back and analyze this pandemic and what we need to do differently, I think getting some authority to put in lesser types of enforcement actions like fines for a governor, I think could make it better,” Cooper said. “When we get to the end of this, we can look at ways to make some changes.”

If the statute allowed, Cooper would hold you down and slap a mask on your face himself, but at the very least he wishes he could take your money every time you disobey his unilateral decrees mandating masks and closures.

In other news, Europe’s to health officials says masks aren’t helpful in beating COVID-19.

Read more of Cooper’s campaign commercial media interview here.

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